Coach Vu Hong Yen: 'Yoga is my fate destiny'

WVR - “Yoga is my fate destiny. I will practice yoga until the end of my life and love yoga like I love my own breath" - Coach Vu Hong Yen talked to nearly 2,000 Yogis at the Summer Yoga Festival competing for the 2nd Healthy Living Yoga Star Cup in 2024 in Quang Ninh .
Coach Vu Hong Yen: 'Yoga is my fate destiny'
'Yoga is my fate destiny': Coach Vu Hong Yen. (Photo: Healthy Living Yoga Academy)

Summer Yoga Festival 2024 program – a tournament of the 2nd National Healthy Living Yoga Star Cup in 2024, co-organized by the Healthy Living Yoga Academy in collaboration with Sun World Ha Long, takes place on May 25 and 26, comprising the performance variety and attractive activities.

The highlight of the program is a yoga performance with nearly 2,000 yogis engulfed in the music Ha Long - the Sea of ​​Memory and a workshop sharing knowledge about yoga with the theme Yoga - the path to a better life.

The program was presented by Coach Vu Hong Yen - Chairwoman of the YSK World Healthy Living Yoga Alliance, Head of the Yoga Expertise Division for Everyone, Vietnam Yoga Federation, and Head of the Organizing Board.

The program is in response to International Yoga Day on June 21st, to ascertain the brand of World Yoga Alliance for Healthy Living YSK - International Yoga Association YSK Yoga Academy - Yoga Sport Foundation (YSF) - a prestigious yoga training unit in Vietnam. Vietnam with a large-scale branch, alliance and franchise system.

These are also affirmative activities of Healthy Living Yoga Academy to bring Vietnamese yoga to integrate into the international market.

Summer Yoga Festival 2024 and events organized by the Healthy Living Yoga Academy help induce and enhance the image of yoga, facilitating better understanding about the positivity that yoga aims for. That is also the enthusiasm of Coach Vu Hong Yen – Chairwoman of YSK World Healthy Living Yoga Alliance.

“Yoga is my destiny. I will practice yoga until the end of my life and love yoga like I love my own breath" - Coach Vu Hong Yen confided herself and she promised to nearly 2,000 yogis at the Summer Yoga Festival to compete for the 2nd Healthy Living Yoga Star Cup 2024 in Quang Ninh.

Vu Hong Yen was born in 1988, academically recognized with 3 Bachelor's degrees (Hanoi University of Education, University of Foreign Languages ​​and University of Physical Education and Sports), a Master's degree, and she is studying for a PhD. degree. Coach Vu Hong Yen is also a member of the Executive Committee of the Vietnam Yoga Federation, Head of the Yoga Expertise Division for Everyone (Community Yoga).

Graduating as valedictorian of the University with a major in Education of National Defense and Security in 2010, she was awarded various Certificates of Merit from the Minister of Education and Training, Vu Hong Yen asked to withdraw from the payroll to devote her time to the career, a passion for yoga.

Realizing the many benefits that yoga brings to herself and her loved ones, and she used to do the job of teaching, Vu Hong Yen aspires to her dream of spreading the values ​​of yoga, bringing yoga closer to the domestic community, and further to the international realms. Vu Hong Yen founded Healthy Living Yoga in 2013, pioneering in coaching the trainers and mass activities of the Vietnam Yoga Federation.

Coach Vu Hong Yen: 'Yoga is my fate destiny'
Approximately 2,000 Yogis participate in Yoga performances at the 2024 Summer Yoga Festival. (Photo: Healthy Living Yoga)

Vu Hong Yen and Healthy Living Yoga have made efforts for Vietnamese yoga gradually to assert its position. During the journey of more than 11 years, Vu Hong Yen and Yoga Living Healthy have successfully organized a series of annual events such as: Miss Yoga of Healthy Life, National Yoga Festival, Summer Yoga Festival, Spring Yoga Festival, Yoga Festival of flamboyant flower (Royal Poinciana).

Currently, Healthy Living Yoga' headquarter is in India, and is also the only unit of Vietnam Yoga that has a base in the birthplace of yoga. YSK World Healthy Living Yoga Alliance - International Yoga Association YSK Healthy Living Yoga Academy - Yoga Sport Foundation (YSF) is currently present in 20 countries around the world, and maintaining their annual activities such as organizing yoga tournaments, scientific conference on yoga.

Coach Vu Hong Yen also organizes courses to study abroad at major Yoga schools (Patanjali University, Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya (DSVV) University and Lonavala...), promoting the process of international integration and facilitating communication of the domestic yogis with yoga masters around the world for further study and practice.

Vu Hong Yen has trained many yoga students in Vietnam and other countries. Vu Hong Yen's teaching method is based on traditional yoga principles and is designed for each individual to achieve good physical, mental and psychological health.

Vu Hong Yen was not only recognized by prestigious yoga organizations, but also awarded a lot of certificates of merit. She won a national award for yoga teaching skills and is certified as a world yoga referee. Healthy Living Yoga with the guidance of Vu Hong Yen has excellently won the gold medal at the Asian Yoga Asana Championship.

Coach Vu Hong Yen's efforts and contributions have been recognized and honored with an annual certificate of merit from the Vietnam Yoga Federation; General Department of Sports and Physical Training.

Moreover, Coach Vu Hong Yen has organized many volunteer programs to help lonely children and the elderly. For more than 11 years, she has continued to teach free-of-charge Yoga for schools of disabled children and in social protection centers.

As the "big sister" of Healthy Living Yoga, Vu Hong Yen has been constantly innovating and creating a healthy playground for Yoga lovers to have the opportunity to unleash their passion.

“For me, Yoga is not just exercises, but a way of life and a journey to find balance and happiness. I hope to inspire and share the benefits of Yoga with people around the world" – said Coach Vu Hong Yen.

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