Brazilian Film Week will be launched in Ho Chi Minh City

Following the success of Brazilian Film Week in Hanoi, from November 7-11, in Ho Chi Minh City, the Brazilian Film Week will be launched with 5 films portraying different aspects of Brazilian cultural, social and human realities.
Từ ngay 7-11/11 diễn ra Tuần phim Brazil tại TP Hồ Chí Minh. Hình ảnh Đại sứ  Đại sứ Fernando Apparicio da Silva (ở giữa) cùng các thành viên ĐSQ Brazil tại Tuần Phim Brazil đã diễn ra hành công vào tháng 5 tại Hà Nội. (Ảnh: Mạnh Cường)
The Embassy of Brazil in Vietnam will organize the Brazilian Film Week in Ho Chi Minh City from November 7-11, 2022: Ambassador Fernando Apparicio da Silva (center) and members of the Brazilian Embassy at the Brazilian Film Week that took place in Hanoi in May, 2022. (Photo: WVR/Manh Cuong)

The Embassy of Brazil in Vietnam, in coordination with the Honorary Consulate of Brazil in Ho Chi Minh City, will organize the Brazilian Film Week in Ho Chi Minh City. The event will take place at the “Institut d’Echanges Culturels avec la France”, IDECAF.

This is a cultural exchange activity, introducing to the Vietnamese public about the country and people of Brazil through films with artistic quality, rich content, high aesthetics and entertainment. Brazilian Film Week is a meaningful event to help strengthening the Vietnam-Brazil friendship.

The Brazilian Film Week in Ho Chi Minh City replicates the edition that took place in Hanoi last May. This is one among many activities in a series of activities that the Embassy of Brazil is promoting throughout this year on the occasion of bicentennial anniversary of the Independence of Brazil.

As cinema is a channel of knowledge and an effective instrument for dialoguing with different cultures, the Brazilian cinema can promote a better understand of a complex and diverse country that is Brazil.

With this objective in mind, the Embassy of Brazil made an unpretentious selection of five films released in the last ten years, of different genres and portraying different facets of the Brazilian cultural, social and human realities.

With free admission, the films will be screened in Portuguese with subtitles in Vietnamese.

The films are scheduled to premiere at 19:00 on November 7-11.

“O Roubo da Taça” (Jules and Dolores) is a comedy inspired by a real fact: the theft of the Jules Rimet’s Cup in 1983, whose possession Brazil had definitively won when it became champion of FIFA’s World Cup for the third time in 1970.

“Uma História de Amor e Fúria” (A Story of Love and Fury) is an animation film, in the science fiction genre, which critically covers major events in the history of Brazil.

“Trinta” (Trinta) is a biopic film that depicts episodes in the life of Carnival choreographer Joãosinho Trinta, unveiling the backstage of what is one of the most iconic manifestations of Brazilian popular culture: the samba school parade of Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival.

“Nise - O Coração da Loucura” (Nise: The Heart of Madness) is a drama, based on real events, which portrays the struggle faced by psychiatrist Nise da Silveira in seeking new methods, based on artistic creation, for the treatment of the mentally ill.

“Colegas” (Buddies) is a road movie in which three young adults with Down’s syndrome, committed movie addicts, decide to run away from the institute where they live in search of their dreams after watching the classic “Thema and Louise”.

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Translated by Thai Nguyen