Bac Giang province collects nearly 6.8 trillion VND from lychee sales, support services

The northern province of Bac Giang, dubbed Vietnam’s “kingdom of lychee”, has earned nearly 6.8 trillion VND (290.5 million USD) from lychee sales and support services in 2022, according to the provincial People’s Committee.
Bac Giang province collects nearly 6.8 trillion VND from lychee sales, support services
Bac Giang province collects nearly 6.8 trillion VND from lychee sales. (Source: VNA)

Total lychee output exceeded 199,500 tonnes this year. Of this volume, over 61,000 tonnes were early-ripening lychees and the rest were from the main crop.

Despite facing export difficulties, the 2022 lychee crop still enjoyed high prices averaging 22,100 VND (0.93 USD) per kg in the domestic market.

Domestic sales accounted for about 61.9% of lychee consumption or 123,500 tonnes. Bac Giang’s lychee is sold across the country and found on shelves at major supermarkets like GO, Mega Market, Saigon Co.op, Hapro, Aeon, Lotte and Vinmart, along with domestic and foreign e-commerce platforms such as Voso, Sendo, Tiki, Shopee, Lazada, Postmart, Alibaba and Amazon.

Bac Giang lychee has affirmed its brand and value in many countries and territories around the world with 75,900 tonnes shipped abroad, making up 38.1% of the accumulative sales.

China, the US, Australia, Japan, the Republic of Korea (RoK), the Middle East and some Southeast Asian nations were among the main importers, of which the Japanese and EU markets expanded in terms of scale and volume with an impressive export volume and growth rate.

Export prices of Bac Giang lychee were also high, ranging from 30,000 VND to 55,000 VND per kg. Even in some foreign markets, it was sold for 350-550,000 VND per kg depending on each market.

In this year’s lychee crop, Bac Giang has diversified its consumption markets, distribution channels and trade forms, using both traditional and modern channels.

The provincial People’s Committee said Bac Giang will maintain its lychee areas in 2023 while increasing those satisfying VietGap and GlobalGap standards.

The locality will work to expand domestic consumption channels, promote sales through e-commerce platforms and boost exports to promising markets like Japan, the EU, Southeast Asia and the Middle East, besides China – its traditional market.

The provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism will coordinate with the People's Committee of Luc Ngan district and other districts growing early-ripening lychees to develop suitable tourism products associated with the promotion and consumption of lychees, taking advantage of lychee growing areas and local scenic spots.

The 2021 lychee crop generated over 6.8 trillion VND (293 million USD) in revenue for the northern province, according to the provincial People’s Committee.

Local farmers sold more than 215,000 tonnes of lychee last year, up over 50,000 tonnes from the 2020 crop, for an average price of 19,800 VND per kg. Of the amount, 126,000 tonnes (58.6 percent) were sold on the domestic market and more than 89,000 tonnes (41.4 percent) were exported.

The harvest time for early-ripening lychees fell between May 20 and early June this year, while the main crop began on around June 10 and ran until July 20.

Currently, Bac Giang lychee enjoys protection in eight countries including China, the US, Japan, Australia, RoK, Singapore, Laos and Cambodia. The

geographical indication (GI) of Luc Ngan lychee is the first Vietnamese GI officially protected in the Japanese market, reflecting its high quality.

The province has so far granted 47 codes for 514ha with 4,000 tonnes for export to China, and 52.92 ha with some 450 tonnes for export to Australia.

In addition to lychee, Bac Giang is also home to about 3,400ha of longan with a total output of nearly 20,000 tonnes, mostly in Luc Ngan, Luc Nam, Yen The and Lang Giang districts. Of which, late-ripening longan covers over 600ha.

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(Source: VNA)