Yellow apricot blossom – flower of Tet festival

Apart from peach flower and marumi kumquat, Vietnamese, especially southerners, often celebrate the Tet (Lunar New Year) festival with yellow apricot blossom (Ochna integerrima) that symbolises good luck, wealth, good health, happiness and love.
Yellow apricot blossom – flower of traditional Tet
Yellow apricot blossom only blooms once a year in late January or early February. (Photo: VNA)

After the 15th day of the 12th lunar month, southerners often pick leaves of yellow apricot trees with the hope that flowers will be in full bloom on the first day of the Lunar New Year, which, they believe, will attract good fortune.

Even though the golden flower petals beautifully reflect the sunrays, the already bloomed trees are not preferred by customers as they want the apricot blossoms to flourish at the beginning of a new year instead.

Apricot blossom used to be associated with the Confucian scholars. It is included in the group of four noble trees: "Pine, Chrysanthemum, Bamboo, Apricot".

Yellow apricot blossoms are now on display in different locations around the city ahead of the celebration.

During Tet, many Vietnamese families use the plants and flowers to decorate their houses in order to create a lively atmosphere and colorful touch aligned with the enthusiastic and cheerful spirits of the holiday.

Most importantly, as the apricot blossom only blooms once a year in late January or early February, Vietnamese believe the blooming blossoms bring happiness and good fortune for a new year.

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