Vietnam promotes development agenda on the 52nd WEF sidelines

Deputy Prime Minister Le Minh Khai met a number of executives of international organisations and businesses on the sidelines of the 52nd World Economic Forum (WEF) in Switzerland to promote connectivity between the government and businesses.
Viet Nam promotes development agenda on the 52nd WEF sidelines
Deputy Prime Minister Le Minh Khai meets with WEF President Borge Brende (third from right) in Davos. (Photo: VGP)

Meeting with British Minister and President for the 26th UN Climate Change Conference Alok Sharma, Deputy PM Khai said that Viet Nam has implemented many comprehensive measures in the fields of energy transition and green growth model transformation to meet its commitments at COP26.

As ensuring energy security and reducing greenhouse gas emissions require international support in terms of resources, technology, and governance capacity, Viet Nam hopes that the United Kingdom, the European Union and other G7 countries will soon have specific commitments to assisting Viet Nam in this field, he said.

For his part, Sharma highly appreciated Viet Nam’s commitment to reducing emissions to zero by 2050 at COP26, as well as its efforts to realise the goal, by establishing a National Steering Committee for the implementation of its COP26 commitment.

He recalled that G7 members at their meeting in March 2022 agreed to include Viet Nam on its priority list of energy cooperation thanks to the country’s strength in renewable energy. He said he hopes that G7 countries and Viet Nam would soon reach a cooperation agreement on a fair and sustainable energy transition.

While meeting with WEF President Borge Brande, Deputy Prime Minister Le Minh Khai suggested that the WEF continue to bring into full play its role as a bridge between the Government and businesses in shaping development trends and promoting new growth engines.

The two sides were pleased to see that the Viet Nam-WEF partnership is developing positively and substantively. Deputy PM Khai emphasized that Viet Nam focuses on building an independent, self-reliant economy, and at the same time accelerating international integration comprehensively and improving the country’s position in the global supply chain.

The WEF President spoke highly of Viet Nam’s development orientations and expressed his wish the WEF would continue to foster its partnership with Viet Nam, especially in the fields of digital transformation, sustainable agricultural development, energy transition, and labour force training to meet market needs in the Industry 4.0 era.

The WEF will continue to work alongside Viet Nam to organize the second National Strategic Dialogue in the near future, he assured.

While staying in Davos, Deputy Prime Minister Le Minh Khai also received executives of Vesta Wind System and New Development Bank.

At a meeting with Henrik Anderson, President and CEO of Vesta Wind System, Deputy PM Khai said the Government of Viet Nam encourages foreign investors, especially those with capacity, experience and finance, to develop renewable energy in the country.

Anderson assured Deputy PM Khai that Viet Nam will continue to be one of the firm’s key markets in the coming time.

Vesta Wind System is ready to discuss and coordinate with the Vietnamese Government to improve the efficiency and competitiveness of its energy industry, he said, hoping Viet Nam would soon complete its Power Plan VIII toward energy transition and have a stable pricing mechanism for renewable energy.

Viet Nam promotes development agenda on the 52nd WEF sidelines
Deputy PM Le Minh Khai receives New Development Bank President Marcos Troyjo on the sidelines of the 52 WEF in Davos. (Photo: VGP)

Receiving NDB President Marcos Troyjo, Deputy PM Khai said Viet Nam wishes to expand cooperation with the bank to get additional financial assistance for its development projects.

Meanwhile, Troyjo told Khai said NDB, a multilateral development bank, wishes to cooperate and provide financial support for Viet Nam’s economic recovery and development, especially in the fields of clean energy, transport infrastructure, irrigation, water resource management and sanitation, sustainable urban development and economic cooperation and integration.

The 52nd World Economic Forum is getting underway in Davos, Switzerland, on May 23-24.

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