Vietnam - Philippines emphasize the central role of ASEAN to the regional security

Many important contents were discussed by Vietnam and the Philippines within the framework of the 5th Vietnam-Philippines Defence Policy Dialogue held on November 22 in Hanoi.
Đối thoại chính sách quốc phòng Việt Nam - Philippines lần thứ 5.
An overview of the 5th Vietnam - Philippines Defence Policy Dialogue. (Photo: TT)

Defence cooperation develops practically and effectively

Deputy Minister of National Defence Sr. Lt. Gen. Hoang Xuan Chien and Philippine Undersecretary of National Defence Irineo Cruz Espino co-chaired the Dialogue. At the Defence Policy Dialogue, Vietnam and the Philippines agreed to promote cooperation in areas where both sides have strengths and needs such as military medicine, rescue, and defense industry.

The dialogue is an opportunity for the two sides to evaluate the results of defence cooperation over the past time, since the 4th dialogue session (2019), after a long period of interruption due to the Covid-19 epidemic. This is also an opportunity for the two sides to share issues of mutual concern at the strategic level, unifying and orienting defence cooperation to develop practically and effectively, contributing to deepening the Vietnam-Philippines strategic Partnership.

Senior Lieutenant General Hoang Xuan Chien and Deputy Minister Irineo Cruz Espino shared views that despite the complicated development of the COVID-19 pandemic, thanks to their efforts, the Vietnam - Philippines defence cooperation has gained important achievements, making active contribution to the bilateral relations.

In recent times, the cooperation contents have been actively, flexibly and effectively implemented by the authorities, in accordance with the framework of the Defence Cooperation Agreement between the Ministry of National Defence of Vietnam and the Ministry of National Defence of the Philippines (signed in October, 2010).

At the dialogue, the two sides exchanged views on the world and regional situation; appreciated the role of the region and the mechanisms led by ASEAN, affirmed their joint efforts to actively contribute to strengthening and consolidating ASEAN's solidarity and central role in the regional security structure.

Thượng tướng Hoàng Xuân Chiến và Thứ trưởng Bộ Quốc phòng Philippines. (Ảnh: TT)
Deputy Minister of National Defence Sr. Lt. Gen. Hoang Xuan Chien (left) and Philippine Undersecretary of National Defence Irineo Cruz Espino. (Photo: TT)

Ensuring freedom, maritime security and safety in the South China Sea

Both sides affirmed to together make active contribution to enhancing solidarity and ASEAN’s centrality in the regional security. They also agreed to promote the implementation and observance of the Declaration on the Conduct of Parties (DOC) in the East Sea (South China Sea) and soon sign the Code of Conduct in the East Sea (COC) that is conformable to international law and U.N. Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) 1982.

Regarding directions, the two sides agreed to continue efforts to develop defence cooperation in a more practical and effective manner.

In particular, the focuses are to increase the exchange of delegations at all levels, especially high-level delegations; continue to promote the effectiveness of existing cooperation mechanisms, especially consultation mechanisms; Defence policy dialogue; Strengthen effective and practical cooperation between the two countries' armies and branches; promote training cooperation; focus on logistics cooperation; promote cooperation in fields where the two sides have strengths and needs such as military medicine, rescue, defence industry; continue to consult and support each other at multilateral forums and mechanisms, especially mechanisms led by ASEAN.

On this occasion, Deputy Minister of National Defence Sr. Lt. Gen. Hoang Xuan Chien congratulated the Philippines on successfully organizing the 2nd ASEAN Multilateral Naval Exercise (AMNEX-2) in May 2023, and thanked the Philippines for sending a delegation to participate in the program of capacity assessment process for forces preparing to participate in United Nations peacekeeping operations within the framework of the ADMM+ Expert Group on peacekeeping which was co-chaired by Vietnam and Japan, held in Hanoi in September 2023, contributing to the overall success of the Program.

Deputy Minister of National Defence Sr. Lt. Gen. Hoang Xuan Chien invited leaders of the Philippine Ministry of National Defence, leaders of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and businesses to attend the Vietnam International Defense Exhibition 2024.

Receiving Philippine Undersecretary of National Defence Irineo Cruz Espino, General Phan Van Giang, Minister of Defence affirmed that Vietnam attaches great importance to consolidating and further strengthening relations with the Philippines, and is determined to work with the Philippines to promote the bilateral relationship to a new level, far-reaching, comprehensive and sustainable, actively contributing to peace, stability and prosperous development of the region and the world.

Minister Phan Van Giang highly appreciated the results of the 5th Defence Policy Dialogue. Defence cooperation between the two countries continues to be strengthened, becoming more and more substantive and effective, especially in the areas of delegation exchange; promoting the role of dialogue mechanisms, military cooperation, human resource training, young officer exchanges and close and effective coordination at multilateral forums led by ASEAN.

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