Vietnam aims to have contingent of competent entrepreneurs: Gov't Action programme

WVR/VNA - Vietnam aims to have 2 million firms by 2030 which will contribute 65-70% of gross domestic product (GDP), 32-38% of the total number of jobs, and 98-99% of the total import-export turnover, according to a newly-issued Government action programme to implement the Politburo’s Resolution on building and promoting the role of the contingent of Vietnamese entrepreneurs in the new era.
Vietnam eyes contingent of competent entrepreneurs
Overview of the National Conference of Vietnamese Entrepreneurs and Business Associations in 2023 - Illustrative image (Source: VNA)

The action programme also aims to have about 20 - 25% of businesses owned by women, and 30 - 35% having female directors or leaders. The number of businesses ranked among those with the highest brand value by prestigious ranking organisations in the world will increase by 10% each year. At least 10 Vietnamese businessmen will be on the list of world billionaires, and five voted as the most powerful businessmen in Asia by prestigious organisations by 2030.

By 2045, the country is aiming to form and develop a contingent of Vietnamese entrepreneurs with capacity and qualifications that meet national development goals.

To that end, the Government requested more efforts to raise awareness of the position and role of businessmen in implementing the country's development goals, complete policies and laws, and create a favourable and equal investment and business environment for entrepreneurs and enterprises.

Attention will be paid to building ethics and business culture, promoting national spirit, and inspiring the desire to develop a prosperous and happy country; and strengthening solidarity, cooperation, and connectivity between businessmen, workers, farmers and intellectuals.

In addition, efforts will be made to promote the role of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Vietnam Association of Small and Medium Enterprises; and intensify the Party's leadership and State management in building and promoting the role of the entrepreneur contingent.

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(Source: WVR/VNA)