The Amazing Cam Mountain in An Giang province

For a very long time, the Cam Mountain in An Giang Province has been widely known by many people as a thrilling and mysterious place.

Today, Cam Mountain is even more attractive as the area has been developed in a systematic and scientific manner, which has gradually turned the area into a Sapa of the southwestern region.

The Amazing Cam Mountain
The Cam Mountain cable car system takes tourists to That Son.

It can be said that there are few places in the country that gather as much as diversity of species as on Cam Mountain. In cold weather and in the fog at dawn or at sunset, visitors will see seas of clouds floated around the Cam Mountain, giving off a cool and pure breath. In the rainy season, waterfalls flow over the cliff, creating sound that resonates with the forest. In the quiet of the night, the sound of animals eating at night, the sound of the forest growling from the far distance can make people feel “creepy”.

It is a must to take into account the colors of various species of flora and fauna of Cam Mountain, from plants in the red book to wild vegetables with strange and witty names.

Interestingly, wild vegetables are not only a source of fresh and clean food but also folk medicines. It's also a type of salad, but the salad on Cam Mountain is big, green, sweet, and crunchy. Tangerine and mango trees on this mountain yield small fruit but the fruit are beautiful in color, sweet and ethereal in taste.

The Amazing Cam Mountain
Fascinating vegetation on the Cam Mountain.

Cam Mountain stands proudly, creating a natural picture of magical beauty in the middle of the majestic That Son Mountain range. Cam Mountain is famous for being the most sacred place in the area, where there are many mysterious anecdotes that have existed for generations, attracting the curiosity of visitors. The climate of Cam Mountain is cool, fresh, and pure, so this area is known as the "second Da Lat" of Vietnam. That climate is the living space of rare plants and animals.

The Amazing Cam Mountain
Special vegetables of the Cam Mountain. (Photo by Thanh Chinh)

Most recently, an eye-catching "organic" apple garden has been opend at the foot of Cam Mountain, on the occasion of the New Year 2023.

Apple is a fruit with a high content of carbohydrates, water, fiber and potassium, which has the effect of treating constipation, reducing edema, and is a very suitable food for people who want to lose weight.

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