TH true TEA: Natural tea essence from superior production process

TH true TEA natural tea bottles are small but contain the essence of Mother Nature, preserving the most nutrients and natural flavors of tea, distilled through a superior production process.

Launched in 2020 amid the Covid-19 pandemic, TH true TEA natural tea products meet the demand for healthy beverage products. Up to now, the product has become one of the top choices of consumers, wildly "popular with" young people because of the fresh and characteristic taste of green tea and O long tea (Black dragon brown tea) with its sweet, harmonious taste, bringing a feeling of refreshment, slaking thirst. The product preserves the most nutrients and natural tea flavor thanks to being distilled through a strictly controlled production process from raw materials to finished products, resulting in optimal quality products.

With a fresh and strong taste of tea, TH true TEA has become the top beverage choice for young people today
With a fresh and robust tea taste, TH true TEA has become the top beverage choice for young people today.

Being careful in the selection of tea ingredients

TH true TEA natural tea is made entirely from selected raw tea buds collected from famous tea regions of Vietnam. In particular, natural lemon green tea TH true TEA uses the main ingredient is Shan Tuyet tea, grown in Ha Giang plateau with an altitude of over 700m above sea level. Natural Olong TH true TEA uses tea varieties grown in the Moc Chau - Son La plateau at an altitude of over 1000m. Here, tea trees are cherished in the clouds and cold air, absorbing the essence of heaven and earth, thereby contributing to better quality and flavor for tea leaves than in other regions.

Chè nguyên liệu của TH true TEA tại mỗi vùng được thu hoạch riêng rẽ, hoàn toàn không phối trộn với chè của các vùng khác.
H true TEA's raw tea in each region is harvested separately, thoroughly not mixed with tea from other regions.

Refreshing pure water from a million-year-old volcano

In the process of making TH true TEA products, the difference and superiority are also reflected in the product's water source - that is, the clear & cold water from the million-year-old volcanic underground water (in Nui Tien, Nghe An).

Chất lượng nước từ mạch nước ngầm thiên nhiên Núi Tiên đã được Viện Kiểm nghiệm An toàn vệ sinh thực phẩm quốc gia (Bộ Y tế) xác nhận đảm bảo 100% các chỉ tiêu về an toàn vệ sinh.
The National Institute for Food Control (Ministry of Health) confirmed the quality of water from Nui Tien natural groundwater to ensure 100% of the criteria for safety and hygiene.

Pure water from natural volcanic groundwater - making TH true TEA's unique formula - is not only treated through a "natural filter", which is basalt magma rock sheets from volcanic lava that was formed millions of years ago but also continues to be treated the UF ultrafiltration system. RO reverses osmosis filtration technology, the most advanced level of purification available today, eliminating maximum impurities.

Intact essence with the modern extraction process

The most modern extraction technology with an automated, fully closed system, limiting the impact of oxidation is an essential factor in the superior production process of TH true TEA, helping preserve the maximum quality, color, and authentic natural flavor of the tea.

Tea materials are processed through the extraction process (tea brewing), carried out in a tub with a lid, a closed process, controlled temperature, time, and proportions are fully automatic, ensuring quality and product homogeneity.

TH true TEA: Natural tea essence from superior production process
The superior production line is the 'key' to creating the unique flavor of the TH true TEA dyad.

Food hygiene and safety with UHT sterilization technology

UHT sterilization technology at high temperatures in a super short time and Aseptic pouring technology is the next factor in the production process to help TH true TEA products retain the most quality, flavor, and natural color of tea and ensure absolute food hygiene and safety. This sterilization technology system has an efficient heat reuse mechanism that maximizes energy savings and environmental friendliness.

With this technology, TH true TEA products ensure a long shelf life (8-12 months) without using any preservative chemicals. The aseptic pouring technology in the TH true TEA production process also ensures that the product does not re-contaminate bacteria and impurities during the filling process, ensuring purity and good health.

Pioneering in aseptic filling and bottling technology

Instead of sterilizing bottles after blowing, the TH true TEA production process applies pre-blowing sterilization technology, so the surface area to be sterilized is less, helping to reduce the amount of water and disinfectant used, saving maximum water resources in nature, contributing to environmental protection.

The entire processing process, from tea buds to bottling of TH true TEA, is guaranteed in only 24 hours, contributing to preserving the most natural flavor and essence from nature.

TH true TEA đã thành công chinh phục các “tín đồ sống xanh” nhờ thành phần hoàn toàn từ thiên nhiên, không sử dụng chất phụ gia trong sản phẩm.
TH true TEA has succeeded in conquering "believers with green life style" thanks to its natural ingredients and no additives in the product.

The TH true TEA product set marks a new step on the healthy beverage path of TH Group, affirming the position of a completely natural drink, bringing "real" benefits to consumers, because of public health, with superior production processes.

TH true TEA provides polyphenols with antioxidant properties, including EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate) - the most essential and abundant active ingredient in natural green tea leaves. EGCG is scientifically proven to provide many benefits to the body, such as anti-inflammation, supporting heart health, reducing the risk of Alzheimer's disease and some types of cancer; strengthening and supporting the immune system, slowing down the aging process, strengthening oral health… The product also contains L-theanine, an amino acid that reduces stress, helping to relax the mind.
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