Teachers need to change to adapt in digital era: People's Teacher Nguyen Lan Dung

WVR - On the occasion of Vietnamese Teachers' Day, November 20, in discussion with the World and Vietnam Report, Prof. People's Teacher Nguyen Lan Dung shared his thought on the impact of digital era on the teachers, expressing that modern teachers need to change to adapt for the era of the 4.0 industrial revolution and the digital era.
Teachers need to change to adapt in digital era: Prof. People's Teacher Nguyen Lan Dung
Teachers need to change to adapt in digital era: Prof. People's Teacher Nguyen Lan Dung shared his thought on the impact of digital era on the teachers, (Photo: Courtesy)

Prof. People's Teacher Nguyen Lan Dung said that the digital era, also known as the digital revolution, is having a profound impact on the field of education worldwide. The application of digital technology and the Internet in education brings many new opportunities and challenges, affecting not only the way of teaching and learning, but also the structure, content, goals of education and teachers themselves.

What should a modern teacher be like?

I think that modern teachers must be well-equipped for the era of the 4.0 Industrial Revolution and the digital era. They need to have sufficent knowledge to encourage learners to take advantage of the benefits of the digital era, but not fall into the online world for entertainment. Every teacher must know how to guide the young generation to live with good ideals, aspiration and desire to make a career. Furthermore, teachers must have both solid knowledge and good pedagogical skills, and above all know how to love and guide the younger generation to live with kindness.

What difficulties and barriers do teachers today often encounter?

Besides the pressures from many sides, the lives of many teachers today still face various difficulties and economic struggles. Therefore, it is necessary to pay more attention to the lives of teachers, so that they can feel secure in their work.

The quality of education today is not limited by programs and textbooks as many people often say. Our generation studied at the Campus during the resistance war against the French. At that time, there was no curriculum or textbooks, yet our generation has had excellent individuals like Ho Ngoc Dai, Ma Van Khang, etc, all remember the knowledge they learned till this day. We are fortunate to have a team of knowledgeable and passionate teachers. Therefore, in my opinion, the best way is to help teachers improve the quality of their lectures and continuously update their knowledge.

How should teachers change appropriately in the era of digital transformation?

Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology to optimize work performance and create new value for people. Students today all have smartphones, tablets, and laptops to serve their studies. Students can collect knowledge online by themselves, many of them even know how to take advantage of ChatGPT to study. For teachers, digital transformation and ChatGPT are good opportunities to improve knowledge and quality of lectures.

Technological advances of the digital era have created favorable conditions for teachers to constantly improve their knowledge. As long as they have the will to progress with the facilities that have never been more convenient than today, teachers can improve their knowledge and expertise in accordance with their noble career. Besides the spirit of lifelong learning, there is also an equally important issue: teachers need to know how to improve their love for their profession, their love for children, and consider their training career as the great happiness of their lives.

Teachers must change themselves to adapt to the times. Each teacher is not only an "intellectual architect" but also a "soul architect" to create a young generation with a deep understanding of knowledge and patriotic youth. So that they can live with noble ideals, have great ambitions, know how to live with kindness to society and wish to make contributions to their homeland and the nation.

Today, technological advances allow everyone to learn what they love most. Do you think what kind of knowledge and skills do modern teachers need to have?

I think that modern teachers need to supplement and update a lot of knowledge and skills to avoid being out of date. In particular, the way of teaching and learning also changes. The development of online learning platforms and virtual classrooms changes the traditional way of teaching and learning. Now learners can access courses from anywhere in the world and manage their own study time. This helps break down barriers of space and time, facilitating continuous learning.

Teachers need to change to adapt in digital era: Prof. People's Teacher Nguyen Lan Dung
Teachers need to change to adapt in digital era: Information technology classes in schools are increasingly expanding. (Photo: VNA)

Mobile applications help students easily access study materials, lectures and reference materials. Thereby, it is necessary to create favorable conditions for needs-based learning and self-study process. Teachers also must constantly "transform" themselves, update their knowledge to be able to keep up with the flow of the times. Education must stimulate self-study in students, train them to have autonomy and skills to search for knowledge, not the "teacher reads, students copy" style.

How does the digital era impact the education sector?

The digital era has connected students around the world. Students can participate in international courses, collaborative projects, and easily exchange knowledge, creating a diversity of perspectives and cultures. At the same time, the digital era has changed the way of learning and teaching. It brings many benefits, but also poses many challenges. To take advantage of the potential of the digital age in education, we need to carefully consider how we apply technology and ensure that no one is left behind.

However, it should be noted that there are still many challenges and issues facing the digital era, including ensuring the security of personal information and addressing inequality in access to educational technology. Continuous monitoring and quality checks are required to ensure that ChatGPT meets educational standards and delivers real value to students and teachers.

In short, successful digital transformation in education must start with the teacher. Hopefully, every teacher will strive and keep striving to be worthy of the trust and love of the young generation, parents and the whole society.

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