Spring Colours at Vietnam Museum of Fine Arts

A painting exhibition at the Vietnam Museum of Fine Arts offers art lovers a chance to see the beauty of the spring in different regions across the country.
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Du Kien An gouache painting by Pham Viet Hong Lam. (Photo: VNA)

The exhibition, entitled Spring Colours, includes nearly 60 paintings selected from the Modern Art Collection of the museum and is held to celebrate Tet (Lunar New Year).

"Through the artists’ perspectives and artistic language, typical features of spring in different regions across the country are vividly depicted," said Nguyen Anh Minh, the museum's director. "The country’s natural landscapes are poetically portrayed in these works showing the love for the homeland of the artists."

The paintings were created in different periods of history and by various popular artists from the Indochina Art generation including Tran Van Can, Nguyen Van Ty and Tran Dinh Tho, to the younger generations such as Nguyen Trong Kiem, Pham Viet Hong Lam, Nguyen Ba Thi and Vo Luong Nhi.

Exhibition goers will notice popular destinations in Hanoi like Hang Ma street, Ngoc Ha Flower Village or Dong Da Mound, as well as familiar scenes in the countryside like small villages, trees and coconut groves, from the mountainous provinces of Lang Son and Cao Bang with famous historical sites including Karl Marx Mountain, Ban Gioc Waterfall and Pac Bo Cave to the midlands and coastal areas.

Gouache painting Dua Kien An (Kien An Coconut) by veteran Pham Viet Hong Lam is eye-catching at the exhibition with hot oranges and bright and bold pinks.

"This is one of my favourite paintings," said artist Lam.

"I drew the painting from sketches that I made when I took my students for an internship in Kien An district in the northern city of Hai Phong. I like it because it is my memory and it characterises the land."

Dua Kien An was displayed at National Fine Arts Exhibition in 1986 and the museum collected it after the exhibition.

Spring and country themes are endless inspirations for artists. Spring gives people the colours of joy and vitality with the plants sprouting.

Artist Vo Luong Nhi has a chance to see her work after nearly 30 years in the museum collection.

"It is a happy moment for me," she said at the exhibition's opening ceremony.

"It is a thrill to see my painting at the museum. I'm very moved and surprised because when I finished the painting it was displayed at an exhibition and the museum bought it. The colour of the painting has not changed showing that it has been kept in good condition at the museum.

The exhibition is a pleasant and auspicious gift that brings best wishes and good luck for the New Year to everyone, according to museum director Minh.

The exhibition runs until February 15 at 66 Nguyen Thai Hoc street.

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