Sharing global experience on health insurance law revision

On April 5, Viet Nam Social Security (VSS) and Pharma Group of the European Chamber (Eurocham) of Commerce in Viet Nam jointly organized a workshop with the theme 'Global experience sharing on health insurance law revision'.

The workshop was held in Ho Chi Minh City in the hybrid form and attended by leaders of VSS, Eurocham, Pharma Group, and international experts to provide a panorama along with specific case studies of some countries in Europe and Asia in developing and implementing some new health financing models, presenting useful implications for Viet Nam in the development process of the Law on Health Insurance.

At the conference. (Photo: Eurocham(
At the conference. (Photo: Eurocham)

The workshop demonstrates Pharma Group's commitment to making active, responsible, and effective contributions to policymaking efforts of the Government of Viet Nam and ministries/agencies for health sector.

Mr. Alain Cany, Eurocham Chairman emphasized that this workshop came at a meaningful time when the revision of Viet Nam's Law on Health Insurance is underway. “Designing suitable solutions, international experiences from experts, and from major pharmaceutical corporations in the world will bring remarkable results,” he said.

In particular, after over 30 years of implementing the health insurance policy and more than 15 years of implementing the Law on Health Insurance, it can be said that Viet Nam is gradually actualizing the goal of universal health coverage. To date, 91% of Vietnamese citizens are enrolled in health insurance and 100% enrollment is targeted by the Government.

The health insurance fund has gradually become one of the important financial resources to meet the increasing needs of medical examination and treatment at public and private health facilities in Viet Nam. Resources from health insurance present an important economic resource and play a more meaningful part in taking care of public health.

However, VSS Deputy General Director Pham Luong Son pointed out some challenges encountered in the course of implementing the Law on Health Insurance in Viet Nam, besides the achievements. In particular, Viet Nam is faced with a rapidly aging population, changing disease patterns, and increasingly advanced health care.

Furthermore, against the backdrop of international economic integration, globalization, modernization, and intensifying Industry 4.0, health insurance practices in Viet Nam have revealed many shortcomings. The health insurance policies, therefore, need to be adjusted to address such shortcomings and suit the current context.

At the workshop, the participants and international experts discussed the best international experiences and shared valuable references for the amendment of the Law on Social Insurance. One of the issues that attracted substantial interest is the supplementary health insurance package, which is expected to be included in the (amended) Law on Health Insurance.

Also, Pharma Group stressed its commitment to improving the quality of life of Vietnamese citizens and delivering good values to society. Therefore, Pharma Group wishes to become a reliable and long-term partner, accompanying VSS in the field of health insurance and committing to support public health care.

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(Source: Eurocham)