SEA Games 31: Esport's League of Legend brings gold to Vietnam

Viet Nam defeated the Philippines in the esports’ League of Legends on the afternoon of May 22, securing a gold medal at the ongoing SEA Games 31 it is hosting.

In the first game, Vietnamese players were confident with champions that required high skill and control like Kalista, Viego. On the other side, the Philippines team prepared basic champions, including Ahri, Gragas, Volibear.

The match started with the game entirely belonging to the Vietnamese players. The boys actively engaged in teamfights on all three lanes and took complete control of the jungle.

The Filipino players tried to organize odd situations but did not beat the exemplary skills of the Vietnamese players.

With overwhelming attack power, the match was quickly ended by the Vietnamese players in the 17th minute after breaking the opponent's main house with 26 kills.

The Vietnamese gamers compete with Singapore in the semifinals of League of Legends. Illustrative photo. (Source: VNA)
The Vietnamese gamers compete with Singapore in the semifinals of League of Legends. Illustrative photo. (Source: VNA)

In the second game, the situation was not better for the Filipino team. Although the early game stage, the quality of General Yone on the Philippine side caused many difficulties for Vietnamese players. However, in both lanes, the Vietnamese players completely mastered as they continuously had exemplary ice phases, and the Philippines team continued to be swept up in the Vietnamese team's play.

The boys from the Philippines could only hold out until the 27th minute before the Vietnamese team broke the main house with 21 defeats.

The final game took place with a fairly open position. The Filipino players had an adventure when choosing champions Yasuo and Diana to create mutations. Choosing champions that are rarely used in major tournaments like Yasuo could not help the Philippines create any surprises and received defeat in the 19th minute.

The Vietnamese team broke the main house of the opponent with 22 knockout points, thereby winning the final with a score of 3-0 in the final and winning another Gold medal for Viet Nam's e-sports at the SEA Games. thirty first.

With overwhelming attacks, Viet Nam quickly controlled the first round of the game and claimed a victory with 26 points.

Though the Philippine gamers caused some difficulties for their Vietnamese rivals in the second round, they could not keep it longer than the 27th minute when the host team took a win with 21 points.

Viet Nam gave no chance to the Philippine opponents in the last round, settling for a 3-0 victory to secure another gold in esports.

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Translated by Thanh Hai