Quang Ninh: Binh Lieu's ethnic women play football in traditional costumes

San Chi ethnic minority women playing football in their traditional outfits is certainly unique, and is only found in Huc Dong commune in Binh Lieu district, Quang Ninh province.
Quang Ninh: Binh Lieu's ethnic women play football in traditional costumes
Quang Ninh: Binh Lieu's ethnic women play football in skirts. (Photo: baoquangninh.vn)

In Huc Dong commune, there are 4 women's football clubs in the villages of Na Ech, Po Dan, Luc Ngu, and Khe Mo. Outstanding members from these 4 teams will be members of the commune's club that often take part in competitions among different communes in the district.

These women are very enthusiastic in playing football. Especially on holidays, the women's soccer clubs in Huc Dong commune in particular and Binh Lieu district in general, eagerly partake in friendly tournaments, attracting a large number of people and tourists.

In a football match, each team of seven players played in a round-robin format with the top two qualifying for the finals. Instead of shorts and jerseys, the San Chi play in their traditional costumes, with the rival teams distinguished by the shades of their blue shirts.

The San Chi mainly live in northeastern provinces like Cao Bang, Lang Son, Quang Ninh, Tuyen Quang, and Thai Nguyen. In Quang Ninh, they account for around 12 percent of the population. The San Chi mainly depend on farming and animal husbandry for livelihoods. They also known for their handicrafts such as carpentry, rattan weaving and forging though these products are made for their own use.

The traditional costumes are made by hand by San Chi women. They are simple and admittedly not as colorful as those worn by the Hmong and Yao.

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