Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh highlights resolution to realise goals in 2023

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh has highlighted the motto of solidarity, flexibility, innovation, effectiveness in order to realise the goals set for 2023.
Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh highlights resolution to realise goals in 2023
Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh highlights resolution to realise goals in 2023. (Photo: VNA)

On January 3, at a teleconference between the Government and localities, Prime Minister Chinh said 2023 is a core year to fulfill the goals set in the 2021-2025 plan amid global risks and challenges as well as difficulties and limited economic resilience in the country.

He asked ministries, agencies and localities to promptly build a Resolution on the Government’s Action Plan on orientations to socio-economic development and national security-defence in the Red River, north central and coastal central regions.

PM Chinh requested that the Party, National Assembly and Government’s Resolutions and Conclusions must be materialised via specific programmes and projects with clear roadmaps from the beginning of this year.

They must keep abreast of the practical situation; proactively, flexibly and creatively handle arising issues within their authority, and immediately report and propose solutions to problems beyond their authority.

The Government, ministries, agencies and localities must be consistent with the goal of maintaining macro-economic stability, controlling inflation, propelling growth, ensuring major balances of the economy, thus ensuring legitimate rights and interests of citizens, investors and relevant stakeholders in line with the law, he said.

The leader called for improving the efficiency of price management, inspection and crackdown on smuggling, trade frauds and illegal price speculation while effectively stepping up economic restructuring in combination with renewing growth models, enhancing economic efficiency, competitiveness and resilience.

He directed continuing with the solid, active, flexible and effective monetary policy in harmonious and sound combination with expansionary fiscal policy and other policies; ensuring liquidity and credit growth and quality, and enhancing state management to prevent unhealthy and policy profiteering activities.

The restructuring of credit organisations in combination with settling bad debts for 2021-2025 must be accelerated, focusing on delayed and less efficient projects.

The Government, ministries and agencies were assigned to be drastic with State budget collection, improve tax-related administrative procedures, and fine-tune tax management regulations.

With the highest determination, ministries, agencies and localities must carry out the socio-economic recovery and development programme, three National Target Programmes, push forward disbursement of public investment capital and public-private partnership, particularly in infrastructure, he said, adding that they must support businesses and trade promotion, expand export markets, draw high-quality FDI, offer new tours to popularise Vietnam’s tourism, as well as come up with specific measures to take advantage of China’s reopening.

The Prime Minister suggested improving the efficiency of State owned enterprises and develop the private economic sector, effectively pool resources of SOEs in energy, infrastructure of digital transformation and key national transport works; and developing a sustainable and effective labour market.

He also asked for completing mechanisms and policies for sustainable development, green and circular economy; effectively coping with climate change and epidemics, ensuring harmonious connectivity between economic and socio-cultural development.

Other tasks include continuing to consolidate national defence-security to firmly safeguard national independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity; build an independent and self-reliant economy with intensive, extensive and effective global integration, including building an action plan to implement Directive No.15 on economic diplomacy; stepping up Party building and crackdown on corruption, wastefulness and negative phenomena.

On the occasion, he called on administrations at all levels, sectors and localities to actively respond to recently-launch emulation campaigns and ensure a warm and happy Lunar New Year (Tet) festival for policy beneficiaries, disadvantaged, poor and near-poor households, victims of disasters and epidemics and those in remote, mountainous, island and ethnic minority regions.

Leaders of ministries, agencies, localities, businesses and business associations at the event expressed their satisfaction with 2022 socio-economic achievements, with 13 out of 15 targets being met or surpassed.

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(Source: VNA)