PM Pham Minh Chinh receives Chinese Ministries of Justice He Jong

WVR/VNA - Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh has requested the Ministries of Justice of Vietnam and China to foster cooperation and mutual support, making them to be on a par with the height of the bilateral relations.
PM Pham Minh Chinh receives Chinese Ministries of Justice
PM Pham Minh Chinh receives Chinese Ministries of Justice He Rong, (Photo: VNA

On April 19, while receiving Chinese Minister of Justice He Rong in Hanoi, Prime Minister Chinh briefed the Chinese Minister on the outstanding achievements that Vietnam has reaped in nearly 40 years of renewal.

The Prime Minister affirmed that Vietnam considers the development of the stable, healthy, sustainable and long-term ties with China as a consistent policy, an objective requirement, a strategic choice and a leading priority in its foreign policy.

He stressed that the Vietnamese Government always supports and creates favourable conditions for the two justice ministries to bolster cooperation, asking them to effectively carry out the signed Memorandum of understanding on cooperation and promote more practical cooperation activities with stronger political trust, more experience sharing and more effective management.

Prime Minister Chinh suggested the cooperation focus on building and completing the rule-of-law state and laws, enhancing partnership in training of high-quality human resources, and judicial assistance in line with bilateral and multilateral international treaties to which both nations are signatories.

The Government leader also proposed enhancing judicial cooperation between localities of the two nations, especially border ones, and spoke highly of the preparation for the first judicial conference between provinces along the shared borderline to be held in China in 2025.

Chinese Minister He Rong, for her part, briefed Prime Minister Chinh on the outcomes of her working sessions with Vietnamese ministries, sectors and agencies, especially her talks with Vietnamese Minister of Justice Le Thanh Long during which both ministers exchanged experiences in law making, inspection of law documents and law enforcement, reconciliation at the grassroots level, and law reform, among others.

She agreed with Prime Minister Chinh’s recommendations, and affirmed that she will work closely with the Vietnamese Ministry of Justice to promote cooperative activities in a more practical and effective fashion in accordance with the agreements reached by high-level leaders of both nations.

The host and guest expressed their delight at the sound development of the friendly neighbourliness and comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership between Vietnam and China over the past years, and emphasised the significance of the consolidation and promotion of the cooperative ties in the areas of law and justice, especially in the context that both sides are pushing ahead the construction of their rule-of-law socialist states.

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(Source: WVR/VNA)