Party General Secretary’s writing energises efforts towards prosperous, civilised nation target: Scholars

Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong’s recent article titled "Proud and confident under the Party's glorious flag, determined to build a Vietnam more prosperous, powerful, civilized, heroic with a fine and long-lasting culture" has given more strength to the entire Party and people to strive for the goal of rich people and a powerful, democratic, equal, and civilised nation, some scholars and Party members have said.
Party leader’s writing energises efforts towards prosperous, civilised nation target
Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong (Source: VNA)

The article was written on the occasion of the 94th founding anniversary of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) (February 3, 1930 - 2024).

Speaking highly of the writing, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ha Quy Quynh, Head of the Personnel affairs and Examination division at the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, said the article highlights all the remarkable achievements the country has obtained under the CPV’s leadership.

Written in a succinct, simple, and understandable style, the article points out the fact that by undergoing many development periods of the world and humankind, the Party has identified right targets for each period and led Vietnam’s development in a way matching each development period of the world, he said.

Quynh noted it identifies the difficulties and challenges facing the Party, opportunities that must be seized, the focal and core tasks, along with regular tasks while demanding resolve and better implementation from the central level to each Party organisation, Party member, and the entire people to further develop the country.

The scholar held that to reach the goal of rich people and a powerful, democratic, equal, and civilised nation, each official and Party member needs to keep thoroughly grasping and seriously implementing the Party’s viewpoints and guidelines as well as the State’s laws and policies on fast and sustainable development, and apply them to their localities, agencies, and units.

Each Party member also needs to actively seize opportunities to help foster economic development, pay more attention to the harmonious development of economic, cultural, and social aspects, guarantee social welfare and security, and unceasingly improve people’s material and spiritual life quality.

It is also important that Party members are imbued with the Party’s ideology; severely comply with discipline and behave with integrity; boost creativity and innovation in the fields they work in; think big, act bold, and dare to bear responsibility; bring into play their pioneering role and set good examples; and work for the sake of their collectives, the people, and the nation, according to Quynh.

As a Party member at the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Dr. Tran Quang Dau said featuring three main parts, General Secretary Trong’s writing provides an overview of the Party’s history, from its foundation to its leadership over the struggles for national independence, the South liberation, national reunification, the settlement of war consequences, the cause of Doi moi (Renewal), and integration into the world.

Over the last 94 years, the Party has always been a source of pride of the Vietnamese people, who trust in and view the CPV as the political pioneering force and the only real leader of the entire nation.

The CPV is not only the decisive factor of every victory of Vietnam’s revolution but also a source of steadfast confidence and pride of the nation, he went on.

Showing his interest in the article’s Part 3 on the implementation of the Party and State’s Doi moi and international integration policies, Dau noted that this part outlines some major orientations and general issues and also includes very concrete and detailed contents and requirements in terms of discipline, morality, and wisdom for each Party organisation, Party member, and people.

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