Over 11,200 fake Samsung chargers seized in Hanoi

Hanoi’s Department of Market Surveillance on April 4 seized over 11,200 fake phone and tablet chargers of the Samsung brand in a shop in the city’s Cau Giay district.
Over 11,200 fake Samsung chargers seized in Hanoi
Over 11,200 fake Samsung chargers seized in Ha Noi. (Photo: Police News)

Deputy head of the department Tran Viet Hung said that all the circuit boards and cases used to assemble the chargers have unclear origin.

The shop’s owner declared that he had bought the fake items from sellers on Facebook and e-commerce platforms.

Hoang Dai Nghia, head of the department’s market surveillance team No.1, said that the assembly of chargers from fake components and devices is extremely dangerous to users, as they may easily cause fire and explosion and many other consequences.

Therefore, the department recommends users to buy goods at reputable business establishments, and avoiding buying them on social networks.

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(Source: VNA)