New conditions to establish foreign-invested vocational education institutions’ branches

The Government has recently clarified conditions for establishment of branches of foreign-invested vocational intermediate schools and colleges in Viet Nam.
New conditions to establish foreign-invested vocational education institutions’ branches
New conditions to establish foreign-invested vocational education institutions’ branches. (Photo: VNA)

Under Decree 24 dated April 13, in order to launch a branch in Viet Nam, a foreign-invested vocational intermediate school or college must have a land area for building its physical foundations and investment capital for the establishment of its branch that are equal to 25 percent of the minimum land use area and investment capital required for the establishment of the foreign-invested intermediate school or college in Viet Nam.

A foreign-invested vocational education center must have a land area of at least 0.1 hectare, while an intermediate school must have one hectare within an urban center or two hectares outside a city, and a college must have an area of two hectares in an urban area or four hectares in a suburban or rural area.

Meanwhile, the required investment capital amount is VND 5 billion for a vocational education center, VND 50 billion for a vocational intermediate school, or VND 100 billion for a vocational college.

In addition, the location of a branch of a foreign-invested vocational education institution in a province or centrally run city must be different from the place where the institution’s head office is based.

If wishing to open a branch, a vocational college may submit a dossier of application for branch establishment to the General Directorate of Vocational Training in person or electronically via the public service portal. Meanwhile, a vocational intermediate school may send its branch application dossier to the provincial-level Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs.

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(Source: VNA/VLLF)