Nestlé adds more investment to expand production in Vietnam

Nestlé Vietnam has decided to invest an additional 100 million USD in its Tri An factory in southern Dong Nai province, lifting total investment capital in the establishment to more than 500 million USD, according to its General Director Binu Jacob.
Nestlé adds more investment to expand production in Vietnam
A coffee production line at Nestlé Tri An factory, Dong Nai province (Source:

Jacob said the investment aims to double the processing capacity of high-quality coffee products at the factory, towards meeting the increasing demand for coffee, and turning Vietnam into a high-value coffee production and supply centre for the global market.

Coffee products produced at the Tri An factory have been exported to 29 countries around the world. In addition, Nestlé is also the largest buyer of Vietnamese coffee with total annual purchase from Vietnam hitting up to 700 million USD.

Jacob said this additional investment is a testament to Nestlé's long-term investment commitment in Vietnam, adding that the factory's productivity is expected to double, meeting the domestic market's demand and effectively exploiting the export potential.

Sustainable coffee production is one of Nestlé's important directions in Vietnam. Apart from investing in production technology, the group's Tri An factory is a pioneer in sustainable development through using clean energy, biomass energy, and applying circular economy in waste management and water resources conservation.

Each year, the Nestlé Tri An factory can reduce more than 14,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions during its coffee processing. In addition, 100% of post-production coffee grounds are reused as biomass materials. Wastewater is also treated, recycled, and reused in the boiler, helping the factory save over 112,000 cu.m of water per year.

To improve the quality of Vietnamese coffee beans, since 2011, the company has implemented the NESCAFÉ Plan in the Central Highlands region, which provides good solutions to sustainably develop the Vietnamese coffee industry.

So far, the Nestlé Group has invested nearly 830 million USD in Vietnam through Nestlé Vietnam Co., Ltd with four factories and two distribution centres. In Dong Nai alone, the firm operates three factories, among them Nestlé Tri An is one of the group’s biggest factories in Vietnam.

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(Source: VNA)