National Assembly scrutinizes draft laws on health check-ups, treatment on June 13

National Assembly (NA) deputies will discuss in the hall the draft Law on Medical Examination and Treatment (amended) on June 13 during the 15th NA’s ongoing third session.
15th NA's third session. (Source: VNA)
The third session of 15th National Assembly. (Source: VNA)

The making of the draft law aims to institutionalise the Party’s policies; address shortcomings and limitations of the existing law, deal with newly arising issues to increase the quality of medical services towards fairness, quality, effectiveness, development and international integration; and strengthen the validity, efficiency, order and discipline of State management over health check-ups and treatment.

The draft law includes 10 chapters and 102 articles, one chapter more than the existing one.

In the afternoon session, the National Assembly will cast vote on a Resolution on the Law and Ordinance Building Programme in 2023 and the adjustment of the Law and Ordinance Building Programme in 2022.

The deputies then will discuss in the hall the draft Law on Inspection (amended).

It includes eight chapters and 116 articles, in which 61 are added, 41 revised and 24 removed compared to the 2010 one.

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(Source: VNA)