Lucky money giveaway - an exchange of best New Year wishes

Giving away lucky money is a traditional Lunar New Year (Tet) custom through which Vietnamese people exchange the best wishes with one another, hoping for a year of peace and good luck.
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Lucky money is traditionally put red envelopes, meant to pray for good luck and drive away evil spirits.

Lucky money giveaway is a long-standing practice that represents “mung tuoi” or “li xi”, literally meaning “congratulation on a new age”.

According to the book “Viet Nam phong tuc” (Vietnamese customs) by scholar Phan Ke Binh (1875 - 1921), after worshipping ancestors, descendants offer lucky money and bow twice to their grandparents and parents. In return, the seniors also give several coins as lucky money to their children.

In the country, lucky money giveaway is a custom at the start of a lunar new year. People often put the money in a red envelope, which is meant to pray for good luck and drive away evil spirits. The practice is also intended to wish small children good growth and learning success and the elderly, longevity and good health.

Given its meaning, lucky money giveaway has long been a cultural identity of Vietnamese people once Tet arrives.

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