Honoring exceptional ASEAN businesses in a special year

TGVN. Having twice held the position of chair of the ASEAN Business Awards (ABA) over the past decade, BRG chair Madame Nguyen Thi Nga, who is also a member of the ASEAN Business Advisory Council, understands the core values ​​of an ASEAN enterprise. And in 2020, the awards were held in a special context to honor outstanding businesses across the entire region.
Honoring exceptional ASEAN businesses in a special year
Madame Nguyen Thi Nga, chair of the ASEAN Business Awards (ABA), BRG chair.

You have previously shown great enthusiasm and made meaningful contributions to the development and prestige of the ABA. How was the selection criteria of the Organizing Committee set this year?

The ABA 2020 awards will honor businesses in ASEAN and will be a great motivation for them to continue promoting their creative spirit, building new directions of development in accordance with economic conditions post-pandemic.

The collaboration of enterprises with the government during the crisis is extremely valuable, showing the spirit of solidarity to overcome the difficulties of businesses for the community. Therefore, honoring ASEAN business through the ABA this year is more special than ever.

There is a saying, “A calm sea cannot make a great sailor.” That is one of the reasons why ABA 2020 will honor ASEAN businesses that have made outstanding contributions to the prevention of the COVID-19 pandemic, as reported at the dialogue session between the ASEAN Business Advisory Council (ASEAN BAC) and leaders of ASEAN countries in the framework of the 36th ASEAN Summit.

COVID-19 is bringing negative impacts to all global and ASEAN business. However, this is also a moment when the best businesses and business people can show their bravery and resilience to overcome difficulties when not only ensuring the sustainable development of businesses but also contributing to pandemic prevention. Therefore, ABA 2020 has a special stature, in a context that honors the outstanding businesses of the entire region.

How do you evaluate the contributions of the ASEAN business community to work with governments to overcome difficulties caused by the pandemic?

The ASEAN business community has been very active and effective in working with governments to maintain socio-economic stability and reduce the negative impact of the pandemic.

During this period, many businesses actively changed their business directions to avoid negative impacts and maintain hundreds of thousands of jobs in the region. Many businesses allow employees to work alternately or from home, to both limit the spread of disease and contribute to the economic stability of the country.

Besides, businesses have carried out many supporting activities involving donations, offering medical equipment and machinery, exporting masks and protective clothing, ensuring adequate supply of food and supplies, and more.

These activities are the driving force and the key factor to ensure social security during the outbreak of the pandemic and the aftermath.

Another outstanding contribution is the solidarity of the ASEAN business community to overcome the pandemic together and promote sustainable development for the region.

These businesses are not only maintaining stable production but also contributing significantly to pandemic prevention work across the region. These are the best enterprises that the ABA 2020 awards will honor.

Officially announcing the ASEAN Business Awards 2020 – honoring the best businesses in Southeast Asia.

This is the second time that Viet Nam has hosted this award. What has been done to ensure the transparency and prestige of a 14-year-old event?

In order to guarantee this, and to raise international standards for the business community in the region, Deloitte Viet Nam was selected as a strategic partner for ABA 2020.

With extensive experience and capabilities as one of the four leading consulting and auditing companies in the world, while understanding customers and markets and covering a wide regional network, Deloitte Viet Nam will bring about publicity, fairness, and transparency for the entire ABA 2020 awards system.

In order to become winners at the awards, businesses have to go through a very rigorous evaluation and selection process. After the enterprise completes the application and submits it online, the valid application will be selected to enter the judging round and will be evaluated by the Judging Council to select a winner in each category.

A special feature of the ABA Judging Council is that it consists of a group of 10 people, one from each ASEAN member state. They are leading experts and economists representing ASEAN countries, and will judge the awards based on the criteria to find the best enterprises.

In addition, some award categories at ABA 2020 are also accompanied by other prestigious international organizations such as the Skills Development Award, which will have GIZ (the Development Cooperation Agency of the German government) as a professional partner.

The ABA awards have always held a very important meaning in the activities of ASEAN BAC and the ASEAN year in general. What makes this year even more special?

As the awards system is held annually within a series of activities of the host country, it is an opportunity for businesses in the region to be honored when demonstrating their position in the ASEAN economy. This is also an opportunity for the global business community to better understand the solidarity and strength of ASEAN businesses, thereby promoting trade, investment, and economic integration.

By joining ABA 2020, ASEAN businesses will be honored and spread to the community the most important and precious values ​​that they have built up in recent years.

The event is even more meaningful this time around as ASEAN businesses need to unite and share more than ever to not only overcome difficulties but also take advantage of opportunities opening up the post-pandemic period.

As one of Viet Nam’s leading private multi-sector economic groups, BRG Group currently provides high quality products and services in a number of areas, such as finance and banking, golf, real estate, hotels and resorts, recreation, and commerce and retail, to both domestic and international customers.

Contributing to the community with the highest values, BRG Group is a pioneer in international integration, cooperating with prestigious multinational corporations across the world to build an ecosystem featuring high-quality products and comprehensive and sustainable services that always bring the highest living standards to the community.

The ABA Awards 2020 will be held on November 13, 2020 in Ha Noi, along with the ASEAN Business & Investment Summit (ABIS) 2020, with the participation of Vietnamese Government leaders and leaders of other countries in the region.

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