Health Ministry: No obstruction to issuance of vaccine passports

The Ministry of Health has demanded no obstruction to nor profiteering from the issuance of COVID-19 vaccination certifications and “vaccine passport”, according to a notice released on May 1.
Mỗi người dân sẽ được cấp một mã QR cá nhân dùng chung với các ứng dụng phòng, chống dịch Covid-19.
The Ministry of Health began issuing digital vaccine passports last month. (Photo: VNA)

The notice was sent to provincial health departments, the ministry’s bodies and telecom group Viettel, the developer of the national digital platform for COVID-19 vaccination database management.

The ministry began issuing digital vaccine passports last month. To protect rights of the holders of COVID-19 vaccination certificates and vaccine passports, the ministry requests relevant units to not make difficulties nor profiteer from these services.

It also plans to accelerate communications campaigns to raise people’s awareness of the rights to be granted with vaccination certificates and vaccine passports in case they have been fully vaccinated.

It emphasised that violators must take full responsibility before the law.

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(Source: VNA)