French media praises Vietnam’s African swine fever vaccine

Vietnam will contribute to preventing a disease that is very destructive to livestock, said the French daily newspaper Le Figaro regarding the Southeast Asian nation’s announcement of becoming the first in the world to successfully research and produce an African swine fever vaccine and license it for commercial circulation.
NAVET-ASFVAC experimental vaccine (Photo: VNA)
NAVET-ASFVAC vaccine. (Photo: VNA)

In an article, it said when Vietnam first notified that it worked with US researchers to develop a vaccine against the disease, great hope was kindled in the animal husbandry sector in not only Vietnam but also the word.

On June 3, 2022, the Vietnamese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development said the NAVET-ASFVAC vaccine produced by Vietnam’s Navetco National Veterinary JSC was the first in the world to have its commercial circulation authorised.

Five clinical trials were performed. Vietnamese Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Phung Duc Tien said that the vaccine is effective for six months. Its safety and effectiveness have also been confirmed by the US Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Research Service.

An African swine fever outbreak was first detected in Vietnam in February 2019, and then spread nationwide, causing millions of pigs to be culled. The disease is harmless to humans, but leads to almost 100 percent mortality rate for infected pigs.

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(Source: VNA)