Four Vietnamese national-branded enterprises shine at Anuga Fair 2023

WVR - The four Vietnamese national-branded enterprises participating in the Anuga Fair 2023 are: Luong Quoi Coconut Co Ltd, Hung Hau Foods JSC., Tai Ky Food - Flour JSC., and Bich Chi Food JSC, which have been given priority placement in prime locations at the Fair.
Mang sản phẩm thương hiệu quốc gia Việt ra Hội chợ Quốc tế Công nghiệp Thực phẩm Anuga 2023. (Nguồn: Cục XTTM)

Showcasing the Vietnam National Brand Program at the Vietnam National Brand Pavilion during the Anuga Fair 2023. (Photo: Trade Promotion Agency).

From October 7th to 11th, as part of the Vietnam National Brand Program, the Ministry of Industry and Trade (Trade Promotion Agency-TPA) conducted promotional activities to showcase and promote the Program and Vietnam’s national-branded products at the Anuga 2023 International Food Industry Trade Fair held at the Koelnmesse Exhibition Center in Cologne, Germany.

At the Fair, the MOIT (TPA) orchestrated a synchronized and diversified array of visual communication activities, aiming to generate widespread effects to enhance the promotion of the National Brand Program and the enterprises with national-branded products. Those included: designing and setting up the Vietnam National Brand banners at Vietnamese stalls, setting up standees in various locations throughout the fairgrounds; distributing brochures and publications (both print and electronic flipbook formats) introducing the National Brand Program and its national-branded products…

The enterprises with products accredited by the National Brand Program were strategically grouped within a designated area, called the Vietnam National Brand Pavilion. This initiative aimed to accentuate the program's identity and the products bearing its accreditation, attracting a larger number of visitors, partners, and potential investors, thereby fostering effective development partnerships. Moreover, the Pavilion created a distinctive presence in terms of scale, showcasing the comprehensive and serious investment by businesses participating in the Fair and in Vietnam National Brand Program.

This also serves to encourage Vietnamese businesses to strive for national brand recognition. By participating in these fairs, businesses can not only seek partners but also capture the trends of the global market for the current year and beyond.

Businesses with products accredited by the National Brand Program, particularly those in the food industry, represent the dynamic spirit of Vietnamese enterprise. They embody the Vietnamese private business sector's adaptability, consistently embracing innovation to revamp and modernize organizational operations. They prioritize synchronized improvements, emphasizing smart initiatives that are practically applicable.

Through the Pavilion, it will promote the national image of Vietnam and the image of Vietnamese businesses and brands. This platform supports in advancing the export of food products, which are considered strong points of Vietnam and holding potential for development in the European and global markets.

The promotion for the Vietnam National Brand Program and the national-branded products at Anuga Fair not only helps advertising Vietnamese food, beverages and agricultural products but also meeting the national brand criteria of "Quality - Innovation - Pioneering Capacity" to communities, consumers, investors, trading partners, and international import-export stakeholders. It also supports and enhances the popularization, promotion, and boosts the consumption of nationally branded goods and services in international markets. Additionally, it highlights the distinctive features, advantages, and quality of Vietnam's nationally branded products in foreign markets.

2023 is the first year that the MOIT (TPA) is combining promotional activities to introduce Vietnam's National Brand Program and its accredited products with Vietnam's national brand in the food industry (FoodsofVietnam).

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