Foreign Minister: Building a strong, comprehensive and modern diplomatic sector

WVR - Foreign Minister Bui Thanh Son emphasised the need to build a comprehensive, modern diplomatic sector that plays a pioneer role in national construction and defence, adding that diplomats should have both good professional knowledge and firm political mettle.
Foreign Minister: Building a strong, comprehensive and modern diplomatic sector
Foreign Minister Bui Thanh Son speaks at the hybrid seminar to celebrate the 78th founding anniversary of the diplomatic sector (August 28, 1945-2023) in Hanoi on August 25. (Photo: WVR/Tuan Anh)

In the article on the occasion the 78th founding anniversary of the diplomatic sector (August 28, 1945-2023), Foreign Minister Bui Thanh Son highlighted the glorious tradition of diplomatic sector and determination to build a strong, comprehensive and modern diplomacy.

He also highlighted identity of “Vietnam's bamboo diplomacy" which is a distinctive foreign policy and diplomacy, under the leadership of the Party, inheriting and promoting the cultural identity and diplomatic tradition of the nation, on the basis of Marxism-Leninism, Ho Chi Minh's thought, selectively absorbed the cultural quintessence and progressive thought of the world.

78-year journey with glorious milestones

The Foreign Minister reviewed important contributions of the diplomatic sector to the cause of national liberation, defence, construction, renewal and development, from the early days of August Revolution.

During the two resistance wars and national construction, the diplomatic front closely coordinated with the political and military fronts, gradually making diplomatic milestones in the nation's history as well as in the common struggle. of the world's people for peace, independence, democracy, progress and justice, from the Preliminary Agreement of 1946 to the Geneva Agreements of 1954 and the Paris Agreements of 1973.

According to the Foreign Minister, revolutionary diplomacy has made important contributions to ending the war, restoring peace, and opening up strategic opportunities for the cause of national reunification.

Implementing the Party's renewal policy on foreign affairs, over the past 40 years, Vietnam's diplomacy has achieved great achievements. From paving the way to gradually breaking the siege and embargo, diplomacy has taken the lead in making and solidifying the external affairs of increasingly openness, multilateralization, diversification, and consolidating favorable external conditions for the renovation process, maintaining a peaceful and stable environment, firmly protecting independence and sovereignty, mobilizing external resources to promote socio-economic development, and enhancing the country's international reputation, the Foreign Minister stressed.

From the beginning of the 13th term of the National Party Congress until now, diplomacy has gradually concretized, implemented synchronously, creatively and effectively the foreign policy of the 13th National Congress and achieved many important and comprehensive outcomes. Vietnam’s relations with partners, especially with neighboring countries, important partners and traditional friends, continue to be expanded and deepened in a substantive and effective manner.

Over the past two years, despite many obstacles caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, there are more than 170 high-level external activities, of which more than 30 visits by key leaders; bringing the total number of countries Vietnam has diplomatic relations to 192 countries, economic - trade relations to more than 230 countries and territories. The deepening external network has opened up many markets, attracted a lot of capital, technology and knowledge to promote industrialization and modernization of the country, he elaborated.

Economic diplomacy has made important contribution to the prevention and control of the COVID-19 pandemic and socio-economic recovery and development. Cultural diplomacy, external information and communication work, overseas Vietnamese work, and citizen protection continue to be renewed, implemented more synchronously and effectively, the Foreign Minister went on.

Foreign Minister: Building a strong, comprehensive and modern diplomatic sector
On August 25, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs celebrated the 78th founding anniversary of the diplomatic sector (August 28, 1945-2023) with a hybrid seminar held in Hanoi. (Photo: WVR/Tuan Anh)

In the multilateral dimention, the Foreign Minister stressed that Vietnam's position and reputation as a reliable partner, active and responsible member of the international community has been strengthened and enhanced. Vietnam has been taking on and fulfilling many international responsibilities and has been trusted by the international community and friends to be elected to many prestigious international organizations. Notably, ASEAN Chair 2020, non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council (UN) for the term 2020-2021, Vice President of the 77th UN General Assembly, member of the Human Rights Council 2023-2025, International Law Commission 2023-2027, many important mechanisms of UNESCO.

Many important achievements in external affairs have affirmed the clear-sighted foreign policy of the Party and State, become the crystallization of the efforts of the whole Party, army and people, close coordination and synergies among the pillars and forces of external affairs work, between all levels and sectors, and the active participation of the whole political system, including the persistent efforts and contributions of Vietnam's diplomacy over the past 78 years, especially during the 40 years of renovation, the Foreign Minister stated.

Determination to build a strong, comprehensive and modern diplomacy

Regarding the requirements for the sector to fulfill the task in the new development stage of the country, the Foreign Minister emphasised that the diplomatic sector needs strongly renew the thinking and action, synchronously and effectively implement foreign affairs tasks in building and developing the diplomatic sector, at the same time inheriting and promoting the nation's diplomatic tradition, applying Ho Chi Minh's diplomatic thought, sticking to the foreign policy of the 13th National Party Congress.

Foreign Minister Son affirmed that the diplomatic sector takes the service of the Party, the Fatherland and the People as the driving force for its action, as well as economic diplomacy taking people, localities and businesses as service centers.

According to the top diplomat, the key thing is to build a team of diplomats who are comprehensively developed, creative in action, modern in style and professional in skills. Each diplomat needs to constantly maintain political, ideological and moral values, be absolutely loyal to the Party's ideals and the interests of the nation, and resolutely oppose all manifestations of deterioration and "self-evolution", "self-transformation".

In addition, mechanisms, policies and laws on foreign affairs and diplomacy need to continue to be perfected to meet the requirements of implementing foreign missions and developing the diplomatic sector in the current period, the Minister noted.

On this occassion, on behalf of all Foreign Ministry’s staff, Foreign Minister Son expressed his gratitude to the previous generations of diplomat and said that today's generation of diplomats is infinitely grateful to great President Ho Chi Minh, deeply grateful to leaders of the Party and State through different periods of times and generations of diplomatic cadres who have worked hard to build and nurture Vietnam's revolutionary diplomacy.

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