Eighth National Congress of Vietnamese Catholics held

The eighth National Congress of Vietnamese Catholics to Build and Protect the Fatherland for the 2023-2028 term opened in Hanoi on October 12.

Speaking at the event, Priest Tran Xuan Manh, President of the Central Committee for Solidarity of Vietnamese Catholics (CSVC), said that the Congress aims to summarise the CSVC’s operations and national patriotic emulation movements among Catholics in the 2018-2023 term; and set forth orientations, goals, and tasks for the following tenure.

Eighth National Congress of Vietnamese Catholics held | Society | Vietnam+ (VietnamPlus)
Priest Tran Xuan Manh, President of the Central Committee for Solidarity of Vietnamese Catholics (Photo: VNA).

Priest Manh said that along with the country’s comprehensive renewal, the national patriotic emulation movement of the Catholic community has developed gradually, thus contributing to the nation's development.

Priest Nguyen Van Rien, Vice President and General Secretary of the CSVC, presented a summary report, saying that over the past five years, thanks to the implementation of the movement, Catholics’ cultural and spiritual lives have improved, and the nation’s cultural identity has been preserved and promoted.

Policy beneficiaries and poor households have received due attention from the State and society, social welfare has been ensured, and defense security and social order and safety maintained.

On this occasion, the Congress negotiated and appointed 148 people to the CSVC Central Committee.

At the first conference, the CSVC Central Committee for the 2023-2028 term negotiated to nominate 30 people to join the Presidium and nine to the Standing Board of the CSVC Central Committee.

Priest Tran Xuan Manh, President of the seventh-tenure CSVC, continued to be elected as President of the eighth-tenure CSVC.

President of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee Do Van Chien lauded the CSVC for its achievements as well as contributions to the national great unity and the cause of national building and safeguarding.

The Vietnamese Party and State are always consistent in respecting and protecting the right to freedom of belief and religion, identifying this as a legitimate need of the people, Chien said.

He also affirmed the importance of promoting cultural values, good ethics, and resources of religions in building and developing the country; as well as paying attention to and creating conditions for people of all religions, including Catholics, to carry out normal religious activities and actively participate in social activities to benefit the country and people, and contribute to building a strong, wealthy, prosperous and happy country.

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(Source: VNA)