Documentary on President Ho Chi Minh screened in Algeria

WVR/VNA - A French-language documentary titled “Ho Chi Minh: Sketching the Portrait of a Politician” was screened in June 29 by the Vietnamese Embassy in Algeria.
Documentary on President Ho Chi Minh screened in Algeria
Documentary on President Ho Chi Minh screened in Algeria. (Photo:

The 58-minute documentary was produced in 1973 by French Director Gérard Guillaume. It was copyrighted and stored by Ciné-Archives of the French Communist Party. The Vietnamese Embassy in Algeria purchased the copyright to use the copy for screening.

It reflects the revolutionary career of President Ho Chi Minh since his participation in the Tours Congress in 1920 and his journey to fight for national independence. The documentary presents archives and interviews with historical figures.

Vietnamese Ambassador to Algeria Nguyen Thanh Vinh emphasised the role of the late President in the struggle for national independence, affirming that Vietnam's resistance war is a great source of encouragement for oppressed peoples around the world, including Algeria.

The documentary was broadcast in Vietnam for the first time on May 15, 2019.

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(Source: WVR/VNA)