Danish Crown Prince will pay official visit to Vietnam to promote green solutions

WVR - The Crown Prince of Denmark Frederik and the Crown Princess will pay an official visit to Vietnam in November. Wind energy and energy efficiency will be in focus during the visit.
Thái tử Đan Mạch Frederik và Công nương sắp thăm Việt Nam. (Nguồn: Getty)
The Crown Prince of Denmark Frederik and the Crown Princess. (Source: Getty)

According to the press release of the Embassy of Denmark in Vietnam on June 28, the Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess and the accompanying Danish business delegation will meet with local business people and official representatives, participate in debates on green transition and visit local energy projects.

The visit is also part of celebrating the 50-year anniversary of Danish-Vietnamese diplomatic relations.

Denmark and Vietnam share a close bilateral relationship. On energy, Denmark and Danish businesses are supporting Vietnam’s green transition.

The close bilateral relationship is illustrated by a Comprehensive Partnership Agreement from 2013. Further, in 2017, Denmark and Vietnam signed a Danish Energy Partnership Programme that supports Vietnam’s ambitions to live up to the Paris Agreement.

With a declared political objective to reach climate neutrality in 2050 and from having a coastline of more than 3200 kilometres, there is an enormous potential in Vietnam for renewable energy, not least wind energy on- and offshore.

The same goes for energy efficiency, since the Vietnamese industry and construction sectors are the two largest energy consumers in Vietnam by 49 and 15 percent respectively. Danish companies provide sought-after and valuable experience to ensure that green transition goes hand-in-hand with growth and economic development.

Vietnam is also an attractive market for Danish companies. Even during the pandemic, Vietnam grew by 2-3 % annually, and this is expected to go back to the normal 4-7 % range in 2022.

In Vietnam, Denmark is considered a dedicated and innovative partner, not least due to the historic development cooperation between Denmark and Vietnam, from which Denmark has also supported climate adaption in Vietnam.

The Danish Royal Family also have historical ties to Vietnam. The father of H.R.H. The Crown Prince lived his first years in Hanoi and visited Vietnam together with H.M. The Queen and T.R.H. The Crown Prince and Crown Princess in 2009 during an official state visit.

H.R.H. The Crown Prince visited Vietnam again in 2011 to celebrate the 40-year anniversary of diplomatic ties. This year’s business promotion marks the 50-year anniversary of diplomatic ties, which should originally have been celebrated in 2021.

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(Source: WVR/Embassy of Denmark in Vietnam)