Congratulations extend to 29th Congress of Japanese Communist Party

On January 15, the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) Central Committee sent a congratulatory message to the Japanese Communist Party (JCP) on the opening of the latter's 29th Congress.
Congratulations to 29th congress of Japanese Communist Party
Congratulations to 29th congress of Japanese Communist Party: Illustrative image. (Photo: VNA)

In the message, the CPV Central Committee highlighted the JCP's great achievements in the past more than 100 years, which contributed to consolidating and promoting the international communist and labour movement, while affirming the JCP's bravery and stature.

The CPV Central Committee expressed its belief that the JCP’s 29th Congress will continue to open a glorious page in its development path.

Regarding the relationship between the two Parties, the message stressed that the traditional solidarity and friendship between the CPV and the JCP has been constantly consolidated and intensified through high-level meetings, theoretical exchanges, information sharing, and closely coordination at international forums.

The CPV Central Committee expressed its belief that with the long-lasting friendship, the relations between the two Parties will continue to develop strongly, meeting the aspirations of the two countries' people, contributing to strengthening the relations between Vietnam and Japan, for peace, stability, development, and social progress in the region and the world.

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(Source: VNA)