Chevening Scholarship marked 40 Years of Excellence Globally, 30 Years in Vietnam with Vibrant Commemorative Events

WVR/VNA - In a recent series of events, the British Embassy marked the 40th anniversary of the global Chevening Government Scholarship and its 30-year presence in Vietnam, with participation of generations of Chevening alumni.
Chuỗi sự kiện kỷ niệm của Đại sứ quán Anh thu hút đông đảo các cựu sinh Chevening.
The British Embassy's series of commemorative events attracted a large number of Chevening alumni.

Together, the British Embassy and Chevening alumni engaged in a symbolic dragon boat activity at West Lake, making the shape of the number 40, representing the 40-year milestone of the Chevening Scholarship worldwide.

The Chevening alumni and Embassy staff also took part in a lake cleanup initiative, contributing to a cleaner and more picturesque environment to enhance the significance of this commemorative occasion. Sustainable development emerged as a central theme throughout the year-long celebration of diplomatic relations between the United Kingdom and Vietnam.

Các cựu sinh và nhân viên Đại sứ quán tham gia hoạt động thu gom rác thải tại khu vực hồ Tây.
Alumni and Embassy staff participated in waste collection in West Lake area.

This was also the focus of a roundtable discussion among Chevening alumni. Covering a diverse range of professions and workplaces, Chevening alumni delved into the latest updates on Vietnam's commitments at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28), the Resource Mobilisation Plan for implementing the Just Energy Transition Partnership (JETP), and explored ways to support Vietnam's energy transition.

During the commemorative ceremony, British Ambassador to Vietnam Iain Frew reflected on the 30 remarkable milestones of Chevening's journey in reaching out to Vietnamese students, as well as the growth and connectivity of the Chevening alumni community.

Together, they have established an outstanding network of British-educated scholars. Over the past 30 years, Chevening Scholarships have been awarded to hundreds of students across Viet Nam, enabling them to pursue their dreams of studying in the UK and making positive contributions to society. Let's celebrate this 30-year milestone and look forward to welcoming the next generation of scholars on Chevening Vietvam's upcoming journey.

Đại sứ quán cùng các cựu sinh Chevening tham gia hoạt động xếp hình thuyền rồng số 40 tại hồ Tây.
The Embassy and Chevening alumni participated in the dragon boat formation activity No. 40 at West Lake.
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