'BTS' golden moments aren't over,' says Jungkook

As its title implies, "Golden," the first solo album by Jungkook of K-pop phenomenon BTS, zeroes in on the golden moments of the singer's life.
Jungkook of K-pop boy band BTS / Courtesy of Big Hit Music
Jungkook of K-pop boy band BTS / Courtesy of Big Hit Music

Being a member of the best-selling K-pop boy group, the 26-year-old has already pulled off a series of groundbreaking musical accomplishments with his fellow BTS members, but he believes their time has not come to an end.

"Whenever I performed on stage in front of my fans, that marked the golden moments in my life," Jungkook said in a video introducing his new album, which hit the shelves on Friday. "Like many other singers, releasing albums and giving performances are the biggest driving forces for me, so I would like to continue creating these moments with our members. Our golden moments are not over ... Once BTS reunites in 2025 (after serving in the military,) we will look really cool."

The "Golden" album carries 11 tracks sung in English, including the lead single, "Standing Next to You" and two songs he previously dropped: "Seven" and "3D." Also included in the album are "Closer to You" featuring Jamaican-American electronic dance music and DJ trio, Major Lazer, "Yes or No" and "Hate You."

According to Jungkook's management company, Big Hit Music, he "put his heart and soul into making the album," taking part in the entire process of its production.

"'Standing Next to You' is a retro funk song emanating a groovy vibe," the singer said. "It conveys a message that I will always be on your side no matter what. My performance is awesome and I poured a lot of effort into preparing for it."

The song is already making a splash across the globe, with its music video exceeding 1.5 million views on YouTube only an hour after its release. The cinematic clip, shot in Hungary, was helmed by award-winning Ukrainian director Tanu Muino, who previously teamed up with prominent stars like Harry Styles and DoJa Cat.

In his latest releases, Jungkook added his own twist to old-school and retro rhythms.

"Some people love old pop songs while others prefer tunes with trendy beats," he explained. "I wanted to cater to all of their tastes. I still feel a bit pressured to be called a global pop star, but I hope I can live up to this moniker."

Asked why he only included English-language songs this time, the K-pop star revealed that his goal was to target the international music market.

"I have been spending much time contemplating different ways to showcase diverse sides of me," he said. "I faced some stumbling blocks while recording English songs because of pronunciation, but I am happy about the final product. I would also like to sing in Korean if I get a chance in the future. Please look forward to that."

Jungkook has already demonstrated himself as an unrivaled solo artist, thanks to the stellar success of "Seven" and "3D." The former, for instance, debuted at No. 1 on Billboard's main singles chart and was named the third-most-streamed song of the summer on Spotify, the world's largest music streaming platform.

BTS was also the first K-pop act to have been nominated for a Grammy, one of the world's most prestigious music awards. Nonetheless, Jungkook still thinks big and aims high.

"Some people will say I am too greedy, but I think there are so many things I have not done yet," he noted. "So I will continue to pursue my own path until I can satisfy myself. In the days ahead, I want to become a singer who can stage a three-hour solo concert. I hope I can do well both as part of BTS and as a solo artist."

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