'Bamboo diplomacy' given Vietnam an increasing role on the international stage: Iranian Abassador

Sharing his impressions of Vietnam, Iranian Ambassador to Vietnam Ali Akbar Nazari said that 'Bamboo diplomacy' has truly given Vietnam an increasing role on the international stage and contributed to Vietnam's success in sustaining independent and balanced position in relations with big nations.
Iranian Abassador
Iranian Ambassador to Vietnam Ali Akbar Nazari with guests at the 44th Anniversary of Iran's National Day (February 11, 1979-February 11, 2023). (Source: VUFO)

Could you please share your assessments of Vietnam's diplomatic policy?

I am impressed by the term of “bamboo diplomacy” firstly introduced by General Secretary of Vietnam Communist Party H.E. Mr. Nguyen Phu Trong in 2016 and once again elaborated in the 13th National Party Congress. Bamboo reminds the image of resilience, unity and strength, making it an ideal metaphor for Vietnam’s foreign policy of flexibility, creativity, but also persistence in the face of challenges and difficulties.

“Bamboo diplomacy” has truly given Vietnam an increasing role on the international stage and contributed to your success in sustaining independent and balanced position in relations with big nations.

Iranian Abassador
Iranian Ali Akbar Nazari. (Photo: QT)

In this framework, it can be said that Vietnam's foreign policy is based on national interests without considering ideological point of view, and is trying to achieve its maximum national interests by balancing its relations with regional and extra-regional powers. For example, Vietnam has actively pursued closer relations with China by increasing economic and trade cooperation, cultural exchange as well as connecting smaller communities and provinces of the two countries, which is a good idea for other countries as well.

Dynamic and realistic diplomacy has enabled Vietnam to create a peaceful and stable regional environment and in this way, independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity have been preserved. At the same time, it has opened up numerous markets for exports and imports and attracted various sources of capital, technology, and knowledge from abroad, serving the country’s industrialization and modernization.

With that approach of diplomacy, in your opinion, what outstanding foreign achievements has Vietnam achieved?

With this special foreign policy, Vietnam has gained major successes in the international arena.

Vietnam has experienced rapid economic growth over the past few decades. The country's economic reforms, known as Đổi Mới, have led to significant poverty reduction and improvements in living standards. Vietnam's transition from a low-income to a lower-middle-income country is a notable achievement. Nowadays, Vietnamese economy is one of the world’s most dynamic and rapidly growing economies.

Vietnam has actively pursued economic integration and trade liberalization. The country is a signatory to numerous free trade agreements (FTAs), including the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) and the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA). These agreements have expanded market access and boosted international trade and investment.

Another important achievement in the field of foreign policy, in my opinion, is Vietnam's efficient interaction with the international community. Vietnam actively interacts with the international community through its membership in the United Nations and other international organizations and mechanisms, and seeks to promote its interests and values on the world stage.

Membership as a non-permanent member in the Security Council in 2008-2010, and 2020-2021, membership in the ECOSOC in 2016-2018, membership in various UNESCO institutions, in the Atomic Energy Governors Council in 2022, in Human Right Council in 2023-2025 and the latest election to the World Heritage Committee are typical examples.

Also, Vietnam has an active role and participation in UN peacekeeping operations, as in June 2018, the UN recognized Vietnam's peacekeeping operations department as one of the four international forces training centers in the region. These measures introduce Vietnam as a responsible member and supporter of international norms and regulations.

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How do you assess Vietnam's current international position as well as Vietnam's efforts in solving global problems?

Vietnam has taken on important positions as a reliable member of the international community and actively contributed to maintaining peace, promoting cooperation, and social progress regionally and globally.

At the regional level, Vietnam has played an active role in promoting stability and security in the Asia-Pacific region, including participation in multilateral forums such as ASEAN and the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC). This positive role in the recent APEC meeting was also recognized by other regional and global actors, and the hosting of the next meeting in 2027 was assigned to your country.

Also, Vietnam is a serious participant in global efforts to combat climate change. Viet Nam, for the first time, made a strong commitment to carbon neutrality in 2050 at the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 26). The action showed Viet Nam’s consistent policy on sustainable development and its responsibility in global issues.

What are your impressions of Vietnamese diplomats while working in Vietnam?

Since I started my mission in Vietnam, I have had chance to meet and work with a number of Vietnamese diplomats and have enjoyed friendly and constructive cooperation with Vietnamese colleagues from the Foreign Ministry.

Vietnamese diplomats are generally known for their professionalism. They adhere to diplomatic protocols and represent the country with dignity on the international stage.

Like diplomats from any country, Vietnamese ones are dedicated to advancing the national interests of Vietnam. Given Vietnam's historical context and its approach to foreign relations, Vietnamese diplomats are often praised for their adaptability. They are capable of navigating diverse cultural, political, and economic landscapes, allowing them to effectively engage with a wide range of nations.

I believe with their professionalism, Vietnam’s diplomatic sector would ever gain greater success contributing to your country’s national development for the interests and prosperity of the friendly people of Vietnam.

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