Australia, Philippines held joint patrol in the East Sea

Australia and the Philippines emphasized close cooperation to ensure a rules-based order in the East Sea.
philippines và Australia tuần tra chung Biển Đông
The Philippines and Australia conduct joint air and sea exercises in the East Sea from November 25-27, 2023. (Photo: AFP)

Over the past 3 days (November 25-27), Australia and the Philippines conducted joint air and sea exercises in the East Sea.

This joint patrol followed discussions earlier this year on joint patrols to underscore what the countries say is their commitment to a closer cooperation, a peaceful, secure and prosperous region and rules-based order.

Australian Defense Minister Richard Marles said the inaugural patrols aimed to practically implement the Strategic Partnership agreement that the two countries signed last September.

His joint statement with Philippine Defense Secretary Gilberto C Teodoro Jr. said: “Australia and the Philippines are firmly committed to a peaceful, secure and prosperous region, where sovereignty and agreed rules and norms are respected... The first maritime cooperative activity between the Australian Defence Force and Armed Forces of the Philippines demonstrates this important commitment.”

Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr., hailed the joint patrol as a meaningful activity aimed at maintaining a rules-based international order.

Commented on his social network account, he said: “This inaugural Maritime Cooperative Activity and those that may follow are a practical manifestation of the growing and deepening strategic and defense partnership between our countries”.

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