Ambassador: Vietnam, Laos determined to foster relations

No matter how the world situation changes, the Party and State of Vietnam, together with the Party and State of Laos, always strives and stays determined to cultivate their relationship, both in width and depth, Vietnamese Ambassador to Laos Nguyen Ba Hung has said.
Vietnamese Ambassador to Laos Nguyen Ba Hung. (Photo: VNA)
Vietnamese Ambassador to Laos Nguyen Ba Hung. (Photo: VNA)

Talking with the press in Laos on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Vietnam-Laos diplomatic ties and the 45th anniversary of the signing of the Vietnam-Laos Treaty of Amity and Cooperation, Hung pointed out why both countries call their relationship special.

In terms of geography and history, he said the two neighbouring countries lean on the Truong Son mountain range and share the water of Mekong river. In the past, they lived peacefully together and even fought against common enemies to protect themselves.

Peoples of both countries were led by the pioneering parties of the working class with a common origin, the Indochinese Communist Party, now the Communist Party of Vietnam and the Lao People's Revolutionary Party. Therefore, fostering the special solidarity between the two countries has become a consistent and long-term guideline and policy of the two Parties and States. The tradition has been passed down from generation to generation and continues to be passed on to future generations.

Hung said tens of thousands of Vietnamese officers, experts and voluntary soldiers of both Vietnam and Laos have sacrificed their lives to the building of this special relationship. The two countries offer mutual support in a sincere, impartial, pure and good-will manner while their political and strategic trust are solid.

Highlighting the significance of the 2022 Year of Vietnam-Laos, Laos-Vietnam Solidarity and Friendship, the diplomat said it is vital to the great friendship, special solidarity and comprehensive partnership between the two nations, affirming that it is an invaluable common asset of the two nations.

The two peoples will hold their hands together and move forward on the path of building their countries forever in peace, independence, self-reliance and prosperity, he said.

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(Source: VNA)