Agro-forestry-fishery exports reached 27.88 billion USD in 6 months

Vietnam posted 27.88 billion USD worth of agro-forestry-fishery exports in the first half of this year, an annual increase of 13.9%.
Agro-forestry-fishery exports reached 27.88 billion USD in 6 months
Agro-forestry-fishery exports reached 27.88 billion USD in 6 months.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, of the total value, the groups of key farm produce and forestry products contributed 11.37 billion USD and 9.1 billion USD, both growing by 8.8% and 3% year-on-year, respectively.

Fishery products shipped overseas during the six months, meanwhile, reeled in 5.8 billion USD, up 40.8% annually.

There were nine types of goods recorded with an export revenue exceeding 1 billon USD in the period, namely coffee, rubber, cashew, vegetable-fruit, rice, Tra fish, shrimp, woodwork products, and inputs for production.

The Ministry said the US and China were the biggest importers of Vietnamese agro-forestry-fishery goods for spending more than 7.61 billion USD and 4.97 billion USD, increasing 7.9% and 5.9% from the same period last year, respectively. They were followed by Japan and the Republic of Korea.

Also, in the first half, Vietnam purchased agro-forestry-fishery products worth about 22.1 billion USD, hence a trade surplus of approximately 5.75 billion USD, nearly doubling the figure posted in the same period last year.

The encouraging outcomes were thanks to the implementation of mechanisms and policies for trade promotion, negotiations for reopening, and market development, among other factors.

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(Source: VNA)