A trip to Huong Son landscape complex - the land of Buddha

The trip to the Huong Son landscape complex and the Huong Pagoda Festival there is considered a pilgrimage to the land of Buddha.

Huong Pagoda, about 65km from the centre of Ha Noi, is a famous Buddhist pagoda complex in Viet Nam, boasting sacred places of worship as well as a picturesque natural landscape.

Its annual festival, deeply imbued with cultural and spiritual values of the Vietnamese people, attracts thousands of visitors who come to worship Buddha and pray for good luck, wealth, health.

To Vietnamese people, the trip to the Huong Son landscape complex is considered a pilgrimage to the land of Buddha, which is believed to be the place where Avalokitesvara led a religious life.

There are a large number of beautiful tourist sites in the Huong Son landscape complex such as Huong Tich Cave, Trinh Temple, and Thien Tru Pagoda, and travellers can set foot in all of these renowned places within one day.

(02.05) Huong Pagoda. (Photo: VNA)
Huong Pagoda. (Photo: VNA)

Sailing on Yen Stream

Boat is the main means of transport when touring Huong Pagoda, and going by boat can be considered as an elegant pleasure for pilgrims when coming to the land of Buddha.

The scene of thousands of boats carrying visitors on Yen Stream is a typical image on the main festive days.

Getting off their boats, travellers can walk up the stairs to arrive at Huong Tich Cave and Trong (Inner) Pagoda, although a cable car service is available, so as to express their sincerity and respect.

Huong Tich Cave

Dedicated to Avalokitesvara, Huong Tich Cave is praised as “Nam Thien de nhat dong”, which means the most beautiful cave in Viet Nam.

Its entrance is like the mouth of a giant dragon, from which visitors will have to go down another 120 stairs to reach the cave. The site houses stalactites and stalagmites of various sizes and shapes, creating a spectacular natural masterpiece that impresses any who come to admire the landscape and say prayers there.

(02.05) Yen Stream (Photo: VNA)
Yen Stream. (Photo: VNA)

Trinh Temple

Trinh Temple, also called “Ngu Nhac Linh Tu”, is an ancient building located on the bank of the Yen Stream and at the foot of Ngu Nhac Mountain.

It takes visitors more than 10 minutes sailing to Trinh Temple which worships a general helping Hung Huy Vuong, one of the Hung Kings - the legendary founders of Viet Nam, defeat the Yin invaders.

Setting foot in this place, tourists can also enjoy the tranquility as well as the landscape of Ngu Nhac Mountain nearby.

Thien Tru Pagoda

Thien Tru Pagoda, built in 1686, is one of the must-visit destinations once coming to the Huong Son landscape complex.

Enduring years of wars, this pagoda was destroyed in 1945, with only Thien Thuy and Vien Cong towers remaining. The current pagoda was reconstructed in 1988 and is a smaller replica of the original version.

(02.05) At Thien Tru pagoda (Photo: VNA)
At Thien Tru pagoda. (Photo: VNA)

Huong Pagoda Festival

The Huong Pagoda Festival is traditionally held from the sixth day of the first lunar month, which was originally the day of forest opening, through the third lunar month. It is the biggest traditional festival in Ha Noi as well as Viet Nam as a whole.

The official festival takes place from the 15th day of the first lunar month to the 18th day of the second.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, visitors to the Huong Pagoda Festival have to seriously comply with disease prevention rules.

To ensure safety, the People’s Committee of My Duc district, which is the festival organising board, built a detailed plan of COVID-19 prevention and control for the Huong Son landscape complex.

Apart from the checkpoints on the three roads to the complex, relevant forces also patrol on Yen Stream and in relic sites to remind travelers of anti-pandemic measures and respect for worshipping places.

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