Vietnamese Tet not only promote national brand but also a visiting card to the world: Belarusian Ambassador

WVR - It goes without saying that Tet is one of the main holidays for all residents of Vietnam. You can feel it in everything that you see and hear.
Belarusian Ambassador to Vietnam Uladzimir Baravikou. (Photo: QT)

On the New Year's Eve, Vietnam is wonderfully transformed: The thematic New Year's markets appear, streets and houses are solemnly decorated with flowers and fruits, which evokes a feeling of celebration and warmth.

At the same time, it seems that everything around is freezing, since it is customary for our Vietnamese friends to celebrate the New Year with their families, which is very similar to our Belarusian tradition.

I am personally going to congratulate all our Vietnamese colleagues, partners and friends on this wonderful holiday, and after work enjoy the wonderful festive atmosphere of Hanoi, watch the traditional “Lion Dance” and taste festive dishes of Vietnamese cuisine.

In my opinion, the Vietnamese Tet holiday is not only the beginning of the New Year, but also the best embodiment of Vietnamese traditions and culture.

New Year in Vietnam is something incredible, fabulous and amazing. This celebration is completely different from what we Belarusians are used to seeing on New Year’s Day. Of course, January 1 is also well-known in Vietnam, but it is practically not celebrated or distinguished from other day. Vietnamese Tet symbolizes renewal and the beginning of a new and happy life.

The most striking impression is the traditions and symbols that are fundamentally different from the Belarusian ones, for example, a peach or tangerine tree instead of the usual fir-tree, sticky rice cake Banh Chung stuffed with pork and green beans instead of Olivier salad, not just congratulations from loved ones, but also offerings to ancestors and spirits, presenting “lucky” red envelopes with money.

The foreign visitors were very enthusiastic getting to know the custom of Tet holiday. (Photo: VNA)

It seems that Tet holiday is a special occasion that demonstrates unity, uniqueness and originality of Vietnam, showing Vietnamese respect for their ancient traditions and culture, as well as hospitality, friendliness, and cheerfulness, their ability to create a festive mood and recharge with positive energy for the whole year.

The Vietnamese culture is a tapestry woven from centuries of history, traditions and influences. From the captivating melodies of Vietnamese traditional music to the tantalizing flavors of Vietnamese cuisine and the vibrant spectacle of cultural festivals, Vietnam's cultural landscape invites everyone to immerse themselves in a world of beauty, authenticity and profound experiences.

The combination of ancient traditions of architecture, clothing and jewelry with modernity become amazingly bright and original. All this creates an unforgettable experience for everyone who visits Vietnam.

Holidays and festivals are not just a reason to have fun. They connect Vietnamese people to their roots, strengthen the bonds between generations and instilling deep appreciation for the nation's heritage. Through these celebrations, the Vietnamese people honor their heritage, foster a sense of unity and create lasting memories that bring families and communities together.

We can say with confidence that the original culture and traditions have largely helped the Vietnamese people overcome all the difficulties in their thousand-year history.

Today, they are an important factor in promoting the national brand in the world.

Considering the magnitude of the Lunar New Year celebrations, traditions and rituals that are passed down from generation to generation, Vietnam has managed to not only preserve its traditional culture and identity, but broadcast it to the world as a visiting card.

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