Vietnamese culinary delights among Asia's finest fish dishes

Vietnam’s sweet and sour soup and clay-pot caramelised fish have respectively ranked 11th and 44th in a list of 53 best Asian fish dishes by cuisine magazine TasteAtlas.
Vietnamese culinary delights among Asia's finest fish dishes
Vietnam's ca kho to - caramelized fish in clay pot. (Source: TasteAtlas)

Canh chua ca – the sweet and sour soup - refers to a range of Vietnamese fish soups known for their blend of sweet, spicy, and sour tastes. These soups are typically made with a tamarind-infused broth and feature chunks of pineapple, tomatoes, okra, bean sprouts, or assorted veggies. According to the magazine, while catfish is a common choice, other variations may include carp, snakehead fish, eels, or salmon. Typically garnished with cilantro, these soups are served alongside rice.

The soup has also earned recognition as one of the top 35 highest-rated fish soups by TasteAtlas, securing 5th position.

Meanwhile, ca kho to - caramelised fish in a clay pot - involves braising fatty fish cuts in clay pots. Typically featuring catfish or snakehead, the dish is caramelised with a mixture of fish sauce, sugar, and coconut water, often enhanced with sliced scallions, onions, or garlic. Traditionally, caramelised fish in a clay pot is served with rice.

The list, based on the number of votes from diners and culinary experts, also includes Indonesia’s pempek – a fish cake made from ground fish meat and tapioca starch, Bangladesh’s shorsheilish – hilsa fish cooked in a mustard sauce, and Japan's maguro, otoro, and chutoro nigiri sushi that feature different cuts and qualities of tuna.

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