Viet Nam - development model for regional countries: Thai top legislator

President of the National Assembly of Thailand Chuan Leekpai has described Viet Nam as a development model for regional countries.
Chủ tịch Quốc hội Thái Lan Chuan Leekpai tiếp Đại sứ Phan Chí Thành.
Vietnamese Ambassador Phan Chi Thanh (L) and Chairman of the National Assembly of Thailand Chuan Leekpai (R).

According to the Thai NA President, Viet Nam, in only a short time, has risen to become a world leading exporter of rice, coffee, with stable economic growth and increasing per-capita GDP.

At a meeting with Vietnamese Ambassador Phan Chi Thanh on March 18, Chuan Leekpai expressed his delight at warm sentiments that leaders and people of the two countries have given to each other.

He welcomed Ambassador Thanh to take the position, pledging that he and the Thai parliament always give support to the Vietnamese Embassy, and are willing to work closely with the embassy to promote the relations between the two countries.

The host highlighted the development of the long-standing and close ties between the two countries in all fields and through all channels, including the parliamentary channel. The Thailand-Vietnam Friendship Parliamentarians’ Group is the group with highest number of members currently, he noted.

In terms of economy, Viet Nam and Thailand are big partners of each other in both trade and investment, he said, adding that the two sides can learn from each other and help each other to develop.

He thanked Viet Nam for creating favourable conditions for Thai farm produce to enter China through Viet Nam’s border gates.

He hailed performance of the Vietnamese community in integrating into the host society and become an important factor contributing to the development of ties between the two countries.

Đại sứ Phan Chí Thành và cán bộ Đại sứ quán chụp ảnh chung với Chủ tịch Quốc hội Thái Lan Chuan Leekpai và các nghị sĩ Quốc hội.

For his part, Ambassador Thanh underlined the important contributions by the Thai NA President to the growth of the Viet Nam-Thailand partnership over the years.

Briefing the host on the sound development of the bilateral partnership between the two countries recently, he underlined that the online talks between the top legislators of the two countries in last August was an important event showing the close ties between the two parliaments and the two countries despite COVID-19.

He affirmed that the Vietnamese Embassy will continue to actively realise the outcomes of the talks, thus promoting the partnership between the two countries.

He suggested that the two sides resume visits by leaders of the two parliaments to each other country as well as exchanges among committees and parliamentarians' groups of the two parliaments.

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(Source: VNA)