Quang Binh deactivates 230kg wartime bomb discovered near big market

The Mines Advisory Group (MAG) on March 8 said its team in the central province of Quang Binh has deactivated a nearly-230-kg wartime bomb found right next to the Dong Hoi city market which houses hundreds of small businesses and sees thousands of people passing by every day.
The MAG Quang Binh bomb disposal team safely transports the bomb out of the scene. (Photo: VNA)
The MAG Quang Binh bomb disposal team safely transported the bomb out of the scene. (Photo: VNA)

The MK82 bomb was discovered when an excavator dug earth for the construction of a 27-storey building at the construction site of an urban complex in Dong Hoi city’s Dong Hai ward.

Pham Hung Hieu, manager of the construction project, said around the location where the bomb was unearthed, there are 90 reinforced concrete piles, each 60m long.

It is impossible to imagine what would have happened if one of those piles accidentally hit the bomb, he said.

MAG experts assessed that it was safe to move the bomb out.

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(Source: VNA)