Party Secretary urges building more professional, humane, modern press

Secretary of the Party Central Committee and Head of its Commission for Information and Education Nguyen Trong Nghia has hailed the nationwide press system for overcoming the "dual" challenges posed by internal factors and the global economy to fulfill its assigned tasks during the first half of the 13th National Party Congress’s term.
Party official urges building more professional, humane, modern press sector
Party Secretary urges building more professional, humane, modern press: Secretary of the Party Central Committee and Head of the Commission for Information and Education Nguyen Trong Nghia. (Photo: VNA)

During an interview recently granted to Vietnamese media on the occasion of the 98th anniversary of Vietnam Revolutionary Press Day (June 21), Secretary Nghia said over the past more than two years, press agencies have focused on disseminating resolutions of the 13th National Party Congress through various vivid and diverse forms. Their in-depth and persuasive articles have popularised the Party's viewpoints, policies, tasks, and solutions for socio-economic development, national defence-security, external affairs, and Party building for the 2021-2026 tenure. They encouraged and inspired people from walks of life to engage in the building of the Party and a clean, strong, efficient and effective political system.

He said press agencies at the central and local levels have made timely and comprehensive coverage of the implementation of the 13th National Party Congress’s Resolution, thus creating public trust and consensus and fostering the spirit of patriotism, solidarity, self-reliance and resilience to achieve development goals.

The press has upheld its pioneering role in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, economic recovery and social security through spreading positive energy throughout the society, honouring exemplary persons and good practices, while actively joining in the fight against corruption and negative phenomena, protecting the Party ideological foundation, sharply countering distorted and hostile information, contributing to social stability and strengthening public trust, according to Nghia.

Looking back at the past half of the term, the revolutionary press of Vietnam has increasingly demonstrated its clear orientation, high sense of responsibility, and gradually affirmed its professionalism, humanitarian approach and modernity, making significant contributions to the overall achievements of the country, he confirmed.

To build on the past achievement, Secretary Nghia asked the sector to better perform its function of orienting the public, firmly protecting the Party's ideoligical foundation and always accompanying and contributing to the realisation of goals and tasks set by the Party and the country.

The press should continue acting as a bridge between the Party, the State and the people, guiding and encouraging the people to follow the viewpoints and policies of the Party and laws and policies of the State, while serving as a truly reliable forum for the people to express their opinions and aspirations, and through which participate in the country's work.

He also called on the press to continue accelerating digital transformation to build modern, professional, multi-platform and multimedia journalism models; unceasingly renew both content and operating methods, uphold its role as a solution-oriented media; honour good examples and good deeds; timely detect new, difficult and complicated issues and provide in-depth analysis and explanations as well as propose solutions.

He stressed that the ultimate goal of the revolutionary press is to serve the Fatherland, the people and orient the people to humane values. Therefore, besides improving political and professional knowledge, the contingent of journalists should constantly foster their ethics, enhance their social and professional responsibility.

On this occasion, the Party official wished that each journalist would keeping improving their political mettle, professional expertise and moral virtues to truly become vanguard soldiers on the ideological and cultural frontlines as President Ho Chi Minh once advised.

He believed that the nationwide press system will continue making important contributions to national construction and development, toward celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Vietnam Revolutionary Press Day in 2025.

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(Source: VNA)