National Assembly to discuss amended law on credit organizations

On June 10 morning, National Assembly’s deputies are scheduled have a group discussion on the law on personal identification and the amended law on telecommunication.
Quốc hội hôm nay (7/6) chất vấn nhóm vấn đề thuộc lĩnh vực khoa học và công nghệ
The National Assembly 's deputies will hold discussion on the law of telecommunication. (Source: VNA)

According to the compilation board, the building of the former is needed to ease difficulties and untangle the knots in the implementation of the 2014 citizens’ identification law. It is also in service of the completion of administrative procedures, the provision of online services, the socio-economic development, and others. The draft includes seven chapters and 46 articles.

In the afternoon, they will hold a plenary discussion on the amended law on credit organizations, which was discussed in group on June 5 afternoon.

The 13-chapter, 195-article draft regulates the establishment, organization, operation, special control, re-organization, dissolution and bankruptcy of credit organizations; the establishment, organization and operation of branches of foreign banks, representative office of foreign credit organizations, and other foreign organizations operating in the banking sector and the settlement of bad debts.

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(Source: VNA)