National Assembly Chairman extends Tet greetings to public security force of Nghe An

National Assembly (NA) Chairman Vuong Dinh Hue visited and extended Lunar New Year (Tet) greetings to public security officers and soldiers of the central province of Nghe An on February 8.
National Assembly Chairman Vuong Dinh Hue pays a pre-Tet visit to public security officers and soldiers of Nghe An province on February 8. (Source: VNA)
National Assembly Chairman Vuong Dinh Hue pays a pre-Tet visit to public security officers and soldiers of Nghe An province on February 8. (Source: VNA)

Congratulating the local public security force on their outstanding achievements last year, he asked them to apply the new models and methods that have proved effective over the recent past on a larger scale while showing stronger determination to obtain more accomplishments in the New Year.

He noted that the regional and international situations are forecast to continue witnessing complex, fast, and unpredictable developments. Meanwhile, Nghe An is the largest province in the country and holds a strategic location in terms of security and order. Though the local security, order, and safety situation in 2023 was assessed as the “most secure” so far, the force should not lower their guard.

Given this, they need to further promote their sense of responsibility and exerted stronger efforts to excellently fulfil all the assigned tasks, the top legislator demanded.

Chairman Hue asked the force of Nghe An to be deeply aware of and guarantee the Party’s absolute and direct leadership over all aspects, the State’s consistent management, and people’s supervision over all of its activities.

They have to continue thoroughly grasping and seriously and fruitfully implementing the resolution on the national safeguarding strategy in the new context, issued at the eighth session of the 13th Party Central Committee, he said, noting that they need to be fully aware of the role of the people’s public security force in the protection of the Party’s ideological foundation and the fight against wrongful arguments of hostile forces.

He also ordered better performance in the Party building and the building of a truly clean, strong, regular, elite, and modern public security force capable of fulfilling requirements and tasks in the new context as in line with the 13th-tenure Politburo’s Resolution No 12.

Describing this as one of the focal tasks, the NA leader expressed his hope that the force of Nghe An will become the leading unit in the implementation of this important resolution.

Besides, he also requested pushing ahead with the crime combat, upholding the force’s core role in the development of the “All people protect the Fatherland’s security” movement, boosting the mass mobilisation work in tandem with the reinforcement of the people-based security, and stepping up social security and the care for disadvantaged people.

The immediate duty is to seriously carry out Directive No 26 of the Party Central Committee’s Secretariat to firmly maintain security and order in terms of religious and ethnic affairs, especially in border and maritime areas, to ensure a healthy, safe, economical, and merry Tet for all people, according to Chairman Hue.

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(Source: VNA)