Legislature to cast votes on mobile police law

The National Assembly plans to vote on the Law on Mobile Police and the Resolution on the establishment of the NA's specialised supervision delegation in 2023 at its ongoing third session on June 14.
At the event. (Photo: VNA)
The National Assembly plans to vote on the Law on Mobile Police. (Photo: VNA)

Following the vote, legislators are set to discuss the draft Law on Implementation of Democracy at Grassroots Level. The bill comprises seven chapters and 74 articles, adding many new contents to existing regulations in the field, including those on the implementation of democracy in agencies.

In the afternoon, the NA will opine on the draft revised Law on Domestic Violence Prevention and Control.

The amendments aim to improve regulations so as to better protect human rights under the 2013 Constitution, enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of State and social institutions as well as families’ role in this issue, thereby upholding sound traditional cultural values and boosting socio-economic development in the new context.

Consisting of six chapters with 62 articles, the draft revised law focuses on measures to prevent domestic violence, and protect and assist victims; create coordination mechanisms and conditions for implementing domestic violence prevention and control; and encourage the socialisation in this field.

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(Source: VNA)