Embroidery on Bodhi leaves

With a passion for embroidery, artisan Quan Thi Kim Cuc from Hoang Mai district in Hanoi has brought the art of embroidery to a new high with ornate embroidered products on Bodhi leaf skeletons.
Embroidery on Bodhi leaves
It takes Cuc up to ten days to finish an exquisite embroidered product. (Photo: VNA)
Embroidery on Bodhi leaves
Cuc, who was born and bred in a family steeped in the traditions of embroidery, spent a great deal of time studying how to give traditional products a competitive edge in the market. (Photo: VNA)
Embroidery on Bodhi leaves
Each embroidered product is a unique work of art that requires meticulousness and creativity from the artisan. (Photo: VNA)
Embroidery on Bodhi leaves
Colourful yarn for Cuc’s embroidered products (Photo: VNA)
Embroidery on Bodhi leaves
With skilled hands and a passion for traditional embroidery, Cuc has turned Bodhi leaves into valuable and unique works of art. (Photo: VNA)
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(Source: VNA)

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