Banh Xeo - the Vietnamese delectable crispy cake for food lovers

The famous American Static Media Tasting Table for food and drinks site posted an article praising Vietnamese food - Banh Xeo, known as crispy pancakes.

Tasting Table stated, Vietnamese food is known for its simple, fresh and savoury ingredients. Pho or Banh Mi are popular Vietnamese food around the world, however, Vietnamese food has more than to offer with its diverse and delicious dishes that make up the tempting scene of cuisine that can hardly be found anywhere in the world.

Other dishes mentioned in the article include Bun Bo Hue (spicy beef noodles), Banh Khot (small crispy pancakes, filled with shrimp, green onion, and mung beans).

Back in time, Banh Xeo was made as a convenient meal for farmers and popular among the working class, its name simply came from the sound the crepe makes while cooking. Later on, this type of food carts made its way into restaurants and became vibrant with several famous chains, located mostly in Saigon and in many different regional styles across Vietnam.

Since the Banh Xeo has many different styles according to the regions, the dish remains complex to balance the great texture, flavours, and temperature. The version in Ho Chi Minh City and Can Tho consists of a turmeric-seasoned crêpe stuffed with tiny shrimp, fluffy rice, and rich pork belly.

Banh Xeo - the Vietnamese delectable crispy cake for food lovers

It is also commonly wrapped with large lettuce and herbs for added texture and flavour. A mixture of fish sauce, lime juice, sugar, and chiles is also a common dipping sauce, described by the Tasting Table. Other versions of Banh Xeo can be found in Quang Ngai or Quang Nam, where people have it by wrapping it with rice paper.

Wanting a fancier version of Banh Xeo, head to the restaurants, where Chefs include star fruit and banana, toss mushrooms, coconut or even lotus into their pancakes.

The article then showed readers how Banh Xeo is made. The batter is poured in the hot skillet, and sizzles audibly. The crepe is then cooked until the bottom is quite crispy, but the top should still be tender and custardy.

At this point, a handful of bean sprouts can be added to the filling. The filling is then encased by folding the dish in half. It is then ready to eat with the garnishes and dipping sauce of choice.

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