Bac Ninh to develop hi-tech agriculture

The northern province of Bac Ninh has set a target of raising the proportion of hi-tech agriculture in the province’s total agricultural output value to 35 – 40% by 2025, with the awareness that hi-tech agriculture is the inevitable direction of agricultural development.
Bac Ninh moves towards hi-tech agriculture
Green grapes are grown in net houses in line with high-tech production model of Liem Anh Hi-tech Organic Agriculture Cooperative. (Photo: VNA)

To realise this goal, Bac Ninh is rolling out a series of measures to attract resources for sustainable development of hi-tech agriculture.

The hi-tech production model at the Liem Anh Hi-tech Organic Agriculture Cooperative in Viet Doan commune, Tien Du district, is a dream of many farmers. The cooperative, with director Nguyen Thanh Liem at its lead, generate around 1 billion VND (41,135 USD) in profit each year. The success is attributable to Liem’s resolve to study and apply scientific-technological advances to production.

Liem graduated university with a degree in biology technology and got a job at a clean food in Hanoi to gain experience. He realized that farmers mostly use traditional farming techniques and rely on experience. As a result, production value is low and products do not meet food safety standards. In 2015, he decided to quit his job and return to the home village to start his own business in clean agriculture production.

He started by upgrading his family’s dairy farm on 1.3 ha of land, dividing it into three zones, one for raising fish and storing water for irrigation, pens for raising cattle and chicken, and the biggest zone for growing vegetable.

In 2017, Liem built more than 700 sq.m of net house to grow tomato, cucumber and fruits using modern technology, which generated total value five-fold that of rice cultivation.

Encouraged by the initial success, he and seven other households in the commune established the Liem Anh Hi-tech Organic Agriculture Cooperative with a total land area of 5 ha. They began to grow several varieties of grape, and now the cooperative has 3,500 sq.m of land under grape.

Liem said cooperatives help improve farmers’ income and also address the dilemma of bumper harvest resulting in lower prices faced by households engaging in small-scale production.

According to him, the cooperative will continue to improve product quality while expanding its farming area. It will transfer farming technology to local farmers in order to create a sustainable production and sale chain.

Besides Liem’s cooperative, there are also many hi-tech agricultural models in Bac Ninh. The provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development said there are 72 hi-tech farms with total acreage of 160 ha, many of which generate incomes ranging from hundreds of millions to billions of VND each year.

The department’s director, Dang Tran Trung said for a province with small natural area and big population in a convenient location like Bac Ninh, it is an urgent need to develop hi-tech agriculture.

Bac Ninh is home to 16 industrial parks, 62 craft villages and 22 industrial clusters with over 17,000 enterprises and 300,000 workers. This means the demand for safe vegetable and fruits is huge, not to mention canteens in schools, hospitals and businesses in the province.

However, local hi-tech agriculture establishments have not been able to meet demand. The provincial authorities plan to designate concentrated hi-tech agricultural zones based on the natural conditions and advantages of each area.

The province will also support the development of farm produce value chains based on diversifying forms of connection and cooperation between production households and enterprises. Households and cooperatives will also receive help to buy high-quality varieties and modern farming machines.

Bac Ninh will enhance linkages with and trade promotion with nearby provinces and cities, especially the capital city of Hanoi, to sell its safe farm produce.


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(Source: VNA)